1. No matter how many times you say it’s a mightyena, that’s an Absol.

  2. Stop being transphobic. That's clearly a trans mightyena. It isn't it's fault, that it was born an absol

  3. Hello Jen and human. Please accept a welcome from me and Queen Elsa

  4. Let’s hope luka doesn’t ignore it. They hasn’t had the best history when it comes to communication

  5. Hello Suzy and human. Please accept a Welcome from me and Queen Elsa

  6. Overall though isn't Tigerstar responsible for Swiftpaw's death and Brightheart's injury.

  7. Not to mention he was an awful leader in tbc, basically didn’t even think about his clanmates

  8. Haven’t read TBC yet, but I am already excited for it. I want to skip the whole DoTC and AVOS justto get to TBC as fast as possible

  9. Attempted murder of Brokentail- deserved Practically everything after that- if you remember, half of windclan turned against him in the battle in starlight, wanting Mudclaw as their leader instead. Onestar wanted to earn their respect,by making windclan independant, while showing Firestar,that they are strong enaught to the point when they no longer need his support. Becoming leader was an unexpected twist for both onestar and his clan. He need to prove to himself that he's good enaught and worthy of leadership, and he needed to earn Windclan's respect as their leader, by making windclan independant

  10. You need to catch them in a heal ball

  11. You need to catch it into a heal ball

  12. How comes Elsa only has 40,5%? She should have 100%

  13. 🤣 My rep used to do these things too...but I taught her to stop

  14. That was an unexpected plot twist at the end 🤣

  15. I agree with 1, 2, 3 and 4. Not sure about the rest,but they sound interesting

  16. It would make Fnaf more interesting and significant that’s for sure

  17. I miss those days. Also the days when people thought that phone Guy= purple Guy

  18. If you want to change it, then do so. Don't give a shit about your brother

  19. Granted. Black Friday is now canceled

  20. I can assure you, it's indeed a leopard gecko

  21. I've heard about a person who shipped Jayfeather x Firestar, until they learned Firestar was Jayfeather's grandpa

  22. I don't know. Probably should have asked

  23. For me, Elsa will always be the Queen of Arendelle. I say they're both queens of Arendelle

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