Gym in 1940 was ahead of its time.

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  1. It's hard to hear the first part over the laugher. But at the end she says "you're a fucking spa" as in spastic. A slighted dated but beautiful Irish slur referring to an uncoordinated person as someone who has cerebral palsy.

  2. I though she said something about a province bar lol

  3. Its so much easier from vaping than smoking

  4. Literally then goes into a hydrochloric acid bath in your stomach

  5. Sounds like you have tasty smelling hands then when picking her up

  6. Why would You ruin such a beautful tile floor with fake laminate garbage??

  7. I just use a bit of oatmeal hand cream on their ears/all over after a bath

  8. Ridership is plummeting because of violence on the TTC

  9. whats behind the interior of the mantle?

  10. Is that per day? per week? per year? per year per person? This data is garbage to me

  11. Ya, wealthsimple Canada just recently started PFOF and screwing people. I thought they were one of the good ones

  12. welll, we'll see about the screwing ppl part. But it pretty much goes hand in hand with PFOF

  13. I totally read that title in a Borat voice

  14. I dont understand this. Ive seen it a few times now..

  15. "Are there any districts that have a dungeon?" 🤣

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