1. Research, 16 Credits, April 29th MCAT

  2. Going to med school dropped orgo twice lol. It’s a dying field being replaced by biochem anyway

  3. I gave up my job working in trauma/morgue at the hospital and my mother,sister, & I battled homelessness. Initially I was working 50 hours a week while going to school full time. I provided for them until I quit so while I stayed on campus In a dorm they slept in the car due to my actions and eventually got taken to a foster shelter. I used my refunds to live and currently live at my girlfriends house. My mom died from covid while I was taking gen chem 2 over the summer and I was worrying about a quiz that I had to miss the day of her funeral. The ultimate life work balance. I sacrificed everything to get here and regret some of it. I know i’ll be a good doctor no matter how long this takes. This process took a lot of my life away from me.

  4. what do you need? I can gift you some brand new kaplan books for christmas. The 2023 ones

  5. 484 BP diagnostic. Testing 4/29 :(

  6. I never took orgo for my school, but took physics 1 & 2. It all depends which schools you apply to.

  7. brooo lmaoo wtf😂😂😂😂

  8. Same here! I’m pretty nervous. I haven’t taken my first practice exam yet (though this is my second attempt for the MCAT). But honestly your CARS and P/S scores are great for a first time. The science passages are super intimidating but once you practice them a lot, they become way less scary.

  9. great, thanks so much! Good luck with your studies!

  10. does herman miller have a lot of fakes circulating around. I always worry about buying a replica

  11. Maybe put 15k of it in a high yield savings account as your emergency fund and put the rest in vanguard index fund like vtsax like others said.

  12. do you recommend any high yield savings accounts?

  13. Check out this website. It’s legit. I got a Herman Miller desk chair for 60% off.

  14. Madison seating has its flaws and can be shown unreliable at times. If buying something like herman miller I would suggest paying retail and having the original warranty. It cannot be passed through to second buyers. Just my opinion but I like the extra precautions!

  15. So, my friends mother apparently wants a G Shock for Christmas and I plan to buy her one. I found

  16. i’m not sure, but it might be worth the extra money to buy directly from the website

  17. I bought it and did not enjoy it, decided to discontinue 2 weeks in. I was hellbent on getting a course of some kind even though most on this sub dislike them, and now I see why. At least I can still use their full lengths lol

  18. Can you elaborate on your experiences?

  19. In it right now since I work full time. I’m enjoying it, I think it is so far worth the price. Makes studying less of a drag lol. Make sure you ask when their next sale is if you chat with someone online!

  20. If it was coming from a reputable refurb outlet, yes, from an individual, no. Due to the chair’s age, you probably have a lot of wear and tear components needing replacing.(cylinder, tilt lock will need looked at, PostureFit pad needs replacing, seat cushion replacing, casters caked in hair, arm pads), tilt tension gear could use fresh grease, arms need to be retightened.

  21. he said he purchased from madison seating two years ago.

  22. I got a science LOR from a graduate student who was my instructor and was fine. I think as long as they taught you, it counts

  23. I’m not trying to dunk on your girlfriend’s dad or anything but that sounds ridiculous and I doubt that’s the case for most schools

  24. yeah I don’t think that it’s the case for most schools, but I could see that a professor who is well known, has more publications, and has more publicity at a school will carry a heavier recommendation than someone who is a junior faculty. Academia is very network heavy imo.

  25. thank you. I did fine in biochem im just about to graduate and have to prioritize my time in other areas.

  26. I'd still take it. I don't wanna feel inferior to med school classmates who took Ochem

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