Danish news reporter trying to report on the World Cup

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  1. The beer matts. A proper old pub will make sure you use a beer matt not to mark the tables. As a brit who is all for manners I'm all for it

  2. Fighting the urge to pronounce cider “soy-durr” like a country bumpkin

  3. You don't need to. His post is against the rules anyway:

  4. There is confusion between abbreviation and acronym. The abbreviation of His would 'Is. And Her might 'Er.

  5. This happened to me recently. Different ... I was a local IT guy, lots of varied experience in many things but no specialisation, I have my experience but absolute zero in managing developers, driving a product, being in charge, solving dev problems etc. Imposter syndrome was with me on day one. Day two I was totaly in to it, devs asked me to solve their dev doubts in a language I don't know, I could answer any question by going in to the details with them, making them explain things to me, arriving at options, sniffing out preferred options, pushing them through their own doorways and getting on with it. It felt great by the way.

  6. Why not if food is at 75 degree it kills all bacteria in food so surely wouldn't 100c for water would do the same?

  7. It's one of those incomplete phrases. "Boiling water kills bacteria". Well, boiling water for 10 minutes at 150 degrees kills all the bacteria. Needs equipment.

  8. You can not boil liquid water over 100°C, because it would be steam already.

  9. If you are starting out, pick a song that is playable, enjoyable to play, pretty simple in structure, and uses hand positions that your hands can already do (mostly).

  10. Ok but what about one zillion billion trillion hundred million billion?

  11. That raises the question "where are they in the US?" and begs the question "Why do they have a knife raised and pointed at you?"

  12. I don't think the kid was terrified, of the guy or even the weirdness. I think the kid felt he was in unknown territory and it was all more sad than he had been told. The problem here are the people who put this kid up to this shit for the sake of a vid, some upboats, and one more rendition of that goddamm cheap public license piano bullshit that is sinking the internet.

  13. some drunk stupid fan is going to have a hard and punishing encounter with Sharia laws and all hell will break loose. Instead of betting on the WC winner me and my friends are betting on the nationality of the unlucky fellow.

  14. I'll see that bet and put on the table that it won't be an unlucky bloke, it will be an unlucky group of about 10 and it will look like a riot and the cops will go in in force and it will be messy

  15. AH, the nationality. That's not easy. As you know, it used to be like the World Series with only one contender, but now other ugly short haired people from other places are competing. It SHOULD be English (not british, English). But becasue it's so bloody expensive to go there, I think this time, an this time only, it will be ... German or Dutch ... German or Dutch ... German or Dutch ... Dutch. Hmmm. Not sure about that one. Ah fuck it, English. Who am I kidding ...

  16. Les supporters anglais vont déserter les stades.

  17. This was me last week. Honestly, the scalping and ridiculousness surrounding getting a next gen console wore me down to the point I don’t care to buy one anymore.

  18. Totally. Same here. Not intrested. Besides, the PS5 is basically PS4 in the rain, and too big to fit in my tv furniture

  19. By far the most believable post I've seen on here. And holy shit, aren't we just a bunch of monkeys with shoes ...

  20. Don't hate me. When he said it, it made sense. "would have been seen as grassing" might look like "would be seen as being indescrete to my peers", but what he meant was "would have only been seen as being rude and shocking in regards to the establishment, and not made the slightest bit of difference" which is quite possible. He piped up. Nobody piped up.

  21. I went to Primary in the UK in the 90s. Once got told off for walking half a mile to school "alone" when I was about 7 or 8 years old. Really, I walked round the corner alone to tag onto a group of kids being walked by a parent, and if I missed them I'd walk down just with the throng of kids. Wasn't even along roads that had cars going down them, it was crossing 3 side streets that were all single lane roads.

  22. That's the same time period they started using DNA in homicides and missing persons cases.

  23. It really underscores how Canada is a land of immigrants - if the most nerdy description of ourselves (our wikipedia article) is always comparing different chunks of Canada / It's population to other chunks.

  24. Looks like a strong gust crosswind from the left at moment of touchdown. Unfortunate timing, if that gust was a couple seconds later the spoilers would have deployed and the wing would not have lifted. I’ve had that happen on a Cessna. You have to be ready for it all the time.

  25. Thanks for asking and no it is not the right sub. Due to the ease of using photosahoplike applications to falsify things for nefarious purposes, we just call it forgery and made a rule against it. Post removed. Not sure where you could go, as most "respectable" subs would say the same.

  26. Very few people are doing it directly because statements like that are hard to defend.

  27. Ah, see, I've been bitching in this post about Qatar and how fucked up the idea of WC there is. But now you mention it we DO have to respect their culture. The peole that travel should take it as a chance to learn about the different people and their ways. It is a shame it is so laughable to expect the football crowd to do that, even the ones who can afford the ticket to go there. So it will center around how the individuals who visit are NOT able to chill and appreciate the culture, and how the culture itself, notably the regime, is so pointedly and sharply AGAINST the many cultures who will visit. So we're back to the idea of the wrong place to do it. Fuck off Qatar. Read the room, mofos. Otherwise dont try international relations outside of your own room which is strictly middle eastern, and not even all of them.

  28. Yaknow, that statement is INDESCRIBABLY ambiguous. It is a work of art. Lawyers would just shake their head and smile at the acheivement of nothingness that statement commits to. The only clear point of contention you can have with that is how "inclusion" cannot be a value they apply to and expect from all countries. So the whole thing falls down.

  29. Trump is sitting on a $100,000,000+ war chest of donations he grifted which was sent to his own PAC’s which would, with normal people, otherwise be administered by the RNC.

  30. He just needs to by one slightly big boat, and that cash is gone before 2024. Odds are quite high

  31. If my dad seen this he’d be rollin’ in his grave…

  32. See the reflection just beforehand, definitely an edit

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