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  1. Man this remind me of the movie Bicentennial Man.

  2. at the last hr of stream, the ai ate all of vedals ram and it literally will almost react every five second kek.

  3. idk why ur link leads to stressful coffee

  4. kite vs kite. Some of the kites are light and u can control it a bit at air so just try to loop it under another kite then tug it up to tackle it. Some kites tacklers have a bit of like sand glass on there strings to cut other kites easier.

  5. I only know M3 and my anxiety starts if I offered 4 only

  6. bruh same i gladly tell the parties ill do m3 more than m4 and just dip if only m4 is free.

  7. srry im at work rn. Its the new filter with stickers and the filter was like refresh or lively was it I can check when Im done at work and thanks for the compliment :D

  8. rice and staburr makrell and we gucci if i feel a lil fancy ill add an extra egg

  9. Unfortunately not everyone has the same though.. and I think it’ll show with the hyper express.

  10. True did deska on my alt and I swear to god some 1415 rando joined with still purple acc and stone and acts surprise why it takes alot of time to finish guardian.

  11. It can't be transfered between your characters either?

  12. My statics are great and can learn and adopt real well. Its just when we group together we prefer to grief eachother lol. So jailtime it is after g2.

  13. Im sorry for this dumb question im still pretty new, what is a bus?

  14. A bus is where players can be carried by overlevel players for there raid. Example if you donno the mech or afraid to try raids but have enough ilvl to do raids then you can just simply pay players to do the raids for u and u will get all the mats u need to further increase your weapon quality from epic to legendary or legendary to relic. So the gold you earn from the raid lets say valtan u get 3.5k gold and the bus driver wants 1.5k u pay the bus driver upfront and u keep the 2k for urself after and u get the mats u need to upgrade your items.

  15. I have 5 alts that are 1445+ and simply dont have enough time to pug all of em so I just buy a bus on some of my alts and do some if I got some time extra.

  16. depends if my hands are a bit sweaty or wet idk.

  17. I remember when we cleared clown someone bidded like 13k on the chest thinkin it was a class leg book. Glad to say I got the book for like 8k and got some extra gold with it XD.

  18. The sad story as old as time. They wanted to be together, but one was real and one was not. So the boy made himself into a cartoon while she made herself real. Now they sit, forever divided, searching for each other under the stars. Two lovers divided, several worlds apart. So remember all, communication is essential for a relationship so you don't turn into a mammoth for the girl you love.

  19. Man nothing beat the first few week of the game when players will spam "boss at xyz ch.2" and u see lots of under lvl players running to boss. Or back when player were on T1 and whenver theres a boss in which channel people spamming "boss at ch# only 600ilvl allowed. Good ol days.

  20. Hahaha idk why but back in t2 the ghost ship are so OP compared to t3 hahaha. Also the good ol day in t2 where if we see a t3 players thats an immediate party for world boss.

  21. Yeah, idk why this still happening cus it happens to me alot of times too bussing or not. Im beginning to think if it was ping issue or just game bug issue.

  22. For next week if you need help with Bingo Maxroll has a bingo assistant that give u auto calcu on where to put the bomb if u really need it.

  23. we stopped at g3 due to work and all of us cant really meet at specific time this week. but g1 and g2 we progress in less than 4hrs.

  24. I still wonder like why dont they just update it like in midnight for each server cus like bro... Some of us works daytime or latetime and only have free time around 16.00-22.00 like just becus NA and EU release at the same date doesnt mean we have the same timezone.

  25. foreal Fuck epsons dafuq u mean out of black ink I just replaced you like a week ago.

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