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  1. “Primaris” is a term that describes a whole subset of different Space Marines units. “All Primaris are Space Marines but not all Space Marines are Primaris” sort of situation. If a unit is Primaris, it is always Primaris, there is not a non-primaris version of the same thing except in the case of some characters where you can actually purchase say, a Primaris Lieutenant or a non-Primaris Lieutenant) Intercessors are Primaris, calling them “Intercessors” versus “Primaris Intercessors” is just a matter of brevity. It is not a chapter, every chapter can use any Primaris units, except those that are labeled as being for a specific chapter. For example,

  2. This is a great answer thank you so much. Do you recommend the patrol box as a good place to start or is there a better jumping off point?

  3. I don’t love the DW combat patrol because I don’t think it feels very DW. It’s disappointing that it doesn’t give you any significant Kill Team build options. You get ten Intercessors, which can be built as Intercessors or Assault Intercessors, so you could make a Fortis KT by making them half and half, but that’s not super exciting. Then you get three aggressors, which… are three aggressors. It’s not that it’s bad, it just could be any chapter if not for the DW upgrade sprue it comes with.

  4. I thought the combat patrol was just intercessors, do they come with weapon options for assault intercessors?

  5. Oh maybe? The normal Intercessor box can be made into either, but the Combat Patrol version may not. Another reason it’s kinda blah!

  6. Salamanders absolutely have successor chapters. They didn’t have many, and most that were probably Salamanders were never outright stated to be, but regardless of that, the Ultima Founding changed things. Even the Space Wolves, who legitimately only had one (now extinct) successor previously, have at least three now.

  7. If you’re just looking for a small detachment, you probably want to focus on one type of Kill Team, not get the base units for all four and then not be able to fully utilize all the KT add-on options. Since you already have the Vets, you have the basis for a Proteus Kill Team, and should add on from there: Van Vets, Bikes (not Outriders), and Terminators. Then pick another one, and keep building from there.

  8. The known chapters of the 21st “Cursed” Founding are:

  9. It could be, with the minotaurs, that they just didn't leave anyone alive to talk about them

  10. Sure, absolutely could be. But “so good at their job that they killed eeeeeverything” doesn’t strike me as very “cursed founding”, thematically speaking. Whereas “just up and disappeared one day, never to be seen again”…

  11. As others have already mentioned, you can freely add between the 5 and 10. The matter of combat squads aside, above 5 you are opening yourself up to the blast rule, yet do not get the full benefits when applying any friendly "buffs" to the unit (compared to being at 10).

  12. The Blackshield rule is such a bummer because every other model in the Proteus KT has a different movement speed. There’s no way to include a Blackshield and anything else other than Vets without sacrificing some mobility you should have! Would love to see the Blackshield get changed to “can replace one Vet with” in 10th.

  13. Don’t the entire squad gain advance / fallback and shoot though with the inclusion of one model with that ability? I thought that gaining both from a biker vet and a van vet was one of the biggest benefits to running Proteus teams?

  14. That is no longer the case in 9th. Individual models have the abilities they have on their datasheet as long as those abilities don’t require the entire unit to have the ability in order to function (if this is required, and the whole unit doesn’t have it, no one gets it, even the models that have it on their sheet).

  15. Modern WotC hasn’t seemed to pay any attention to this sort of thing, but based on past crossovers 1491 DR should be 122 SC on Krynn. 351 AC would be 1337 DR in the Realms, if anyone was still paying attention to such things.

  16. Ravenloft also tends to do funky things with times between different domains, where some can be functionally isolated and only rarely interacting with others, others are actually next to other, new ones occasionally appear and so forth - the setting was made for PCs to be dropped into for gothic adventures, so it wasn't really made to "work" as a place by itself until later, and even then it was explicitly "lots of bubble worlds that sometimes connect", not an actual standard "place".

  17. It absolutely makes sense that it wouldn’t need to line up time-wise with the Prime Material, yes. But throughout 2e, it interacted with worlds in the Prime several times (three that I know of), and each time, things lined up with the advancing timelines of those worlds and the advancing timeline of Ravenloft moving at the same pace.

  18. The unit restrictions for the AoRs are probably going to prevent this. For example, the Vanguard Spearhead rules state:

  19. There are currently 20 codex-level factions, with a 21st due in a few months. They are:

  20. GK use the SM Chaplain or kitbash one. Grand Master, either use Voldus or kitbash. The GK Apothecary (as well as Brother-Captain and Ancients) can be built out of the Terminator box (but you can only build five models total, so you’d be sacrificing Termies or Paladins).

  21. No problem. GK really only have three kits in addition to named characters: Dreadknight (from which you can make either a Nemesis Dreadknight or a Grand Master Nemesis Dreadknight), Terminators (from which you can make five models total of up to one Brother-Captain, up to one Apothecary, up to Paladin Ancient or Brotherhood Ancient, up to five Paladins, and up to five Terminators), and Strike Squad (from which you can make ten models in any combination of Strikes, Purgators, Interceptors, and Purifiers, and you can sacrifice one of those models to make a Champion). For everything else, we use the Space Marines version or kitbash.

  22. Unless it's expanded like proposed in that article, it's a bit too small to be a NP. I have visited and enjoyed the Ocmulgee Mounds, but it's kind of small.

  23. Its current size is more than three dozen times as large as the smallest National Park because Gateway Arch is basically a town green. It would be the second smallest NP without expansion though.

  24. D.C. Delegate Eleanor Holmes Norton has several times over introduced legislation to elevate Rock Creek Park to national park status, in 2015, 2017 and 2021. There is no current legislation pending

  25. Oh thats interesting! Yea maybe I'll only field AM and IK then!

  26. The “Wandering Hero” rule in the IK codex allows another Imperium army to take one Super Heavy Aux detachment of Imperial Knights (which fits one unit, either a single knight or a squad of Armigers) without losing monofaction bonuses provided the Knight unit is a Freeblade and doesn’t belong to a House.

  27. This is a fairly impossible task for Deathwatch. They only have one named “character”, which has to be included per your rules, which is actually a squad, and the squad is made up of firstborn.

  28. Six is just such a random number though, I feel like space marines always go with either 5 or 10 no?

  29. Six goes back to the Razorback, which has been around for ages. In previous editions, characters had to be attached to squads, so a five-man tac squad plus, say, a librarian, could go in a Razorback while the full 10-man team went in a Rhino. You can still do that now even though the characters aren’t attached.

  30. Only chapter that really worships is templars. As far as being strict theres any chapters that descend from dorn and gman. Dorn in particular since both the imperial fists and executioners are from the same stock

  31. Fire Angels also worship the Emperor as a religion. They’re like BT but codex compliant.

  32. He’s the chapter master of a first founding, why wouldn’t he be respected?

  33. 1st Founding doesn’t always mean universal respect, the Space Wolves are a noted example where some chapters might begrudgingly respect their loyalty and service, but not their behavior and attitude.

  34. Ok, 8 out of 9. Odds are still good. Regardless, he’s a chapter master of a non-renegade, non-overtly psychotic chapter. That should be a gimme regardless of how old the chapter is.

  35. Technically not correct, OD&D (aka the very first edition) did not have post 20 content, it was just assumed characters would retire/pass into legend at that stage.

  36. Ah! You are correct. Did OD&D even have post-10 content?

  37. 5th is the first time the game hasn’t had an option to go above 20, it was even standard in some previous versions. Hell, BECMI ran 1-36 and then you hit “Immortal” game play, which was basically an entirely new game on top.

  38. South Rim has a paved sidewalk that runs along a good section of the rim, with free buses that make the rounds back and forth. You can hop on, hop off, walk to another stop, catch another bus, ride to another stretch, hop back off, etc. It’s definitely not a bad way to kill a few hours. Unfortunately, getting to and from and stopping briefly at the visitor center will eat up at least a quarter of your time…

  39. Gives you the option of which weapon to use on a per-attack basis.

  40. There are no rules in any rulebook that dictate any model for any faction or subfaction be painted in any particular way. You can’t paint your Black Templars bronze with neon pink trim if you want.

  41. In addition to the Dyson Sphere that you reference, which showed up in the sixth season of TNG, Star Trek has recently featured a couple of megastructures in the most recent season of Discovery: a new alien species is introduced (referred to as “Species 10-C”) who are discovered to have constructed a series of Dyson Rings around their homeworld’s star at some point in the past (I believe they estimate a thousand years ago), and then more recently, a “hyperfield” (basically a Dyson Sphere) in another nearby part of space with a diameter of 3 AU.

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