1. Why not hop over to blackcomb! (and let me know what its like)

  2. Not possible, Peak 2 Peak is not in operation.

  3. Oh, another hardcore socialist throwing tax payer's money around. I want Santa Claus to be our next premier.

  4. Is there any practical difference between that and a common mortgage? It seems you still pay the same amount of money, interest or not. Is it just the wording that's not aligned with the ideology?

  5. A beautiful spicy noodle. I looked for a rattle snake when we visited there in July, and I didn’t have any luck. Was he giving you warning rattles?

  6. Not much of a warning. I walked in the dark with my headlamp, about a mile from the road. Almost stepped on it. Just heard the sound next to my boot. I guess I was really lucky.

  7. Weather Spark might help. Not sure if it's exactly what you need, though.

  8. I really wish there was a downtown to downtown sea plane option. You can fly from downtown Seattle to Victoria I believe (or you used to pre pandemic) but downtown Vancouver doesn’t have customs facilities. I think that route could be very busy route and super convenient.

  9. Not sure what you mean. Vancouver to Seattle was always an option with Harbour Air sea planes,

  10. Comparing SkyTrain outside of North America across to Euro or Asia makes it apples vs. oranges; no longer practical to measure because cities there had a head start on urbanization ahead of Vancouver by at least century.

  11. Right, I agree. But the question was about world class things, so I, naturally, compare to the world, not some smallvile in the middle of nowhere.

  12. I didn’t know those European trains depart every three minutes. Very impressive.

  13. Yeah, usually every two minutes during rush hour. Good reason to visit Europe and see that on your own.

  14. I am so glad I don't own a property in BC and don't have to deal with these crazy social(ist) experiments. I don't understand why owners should be the only group subsidizing affordable living out of their own pockets by renting below market price.

  15. This province is a complete comedy. Why the hell does the government run stores with alcohol? If you say this anywhere abroad they won't believe you. Aren't there more important things to do, like healthcare?

  16. Atmosphere has decent deals sometimes.

  17. If you have no symptoms or concerns, what things are you hoping to prevent with a physical exam? Just curious.

  18. Many diseases don't have obvious symptoms until it's too late. Even just considering common diabetes or high blood pressure. Treatment is much more expensive in later phases. Most of the health care systems around the world have some kind of preventative plan (like a complete blood panel every X years and so on).

  19. I am so glad I don't own a property in BC and don't have to deal with these crazy social(ist) experiments. I don't understand why owners should be the only group subsidizing affordable living out of their own pockets.

  20. We did it last year on June 20. The boulder field was still covered in snow, an ice axe would be useful. The route from the Crown Pass up to Little Goat was even more sketchy. Considering this year's cold spring, it must be even worse.

  21. FYI for those who are PR going down to the US, make sure you have your ESTA ready to go. For now, they’ll allow you to fill inside the customs building if you forgot, but starting October the border guards will refuse you entry if you’re not signed up. Friend’s wife forgot to do it this weekend and we were flagged. Thankfully we could do it at Pacific Crossing, but that would have ruined our weekend plans if we went in October.

  22. You don't need ESTA for land border crossing. And that's not changing. You've probably mixed up different rules.

  23. Well, my friend and I are Canadian, but his wife only has her Permanent Residency. They must be changing the rules because there’s a bunch of posters at the US border building saying you need to have an ESTA ready as PR coming down, otherwise they WILL turn you back come October.

  24. I stand corrected, thank you. I had no idea about this change despite crossing the border recently.

  25. had no idea you were allowed on the mountain after the season ends! does this work with XC skiing too?

  26. It's public provincial park outside of the season, correct me if I am wrong.

  27. It's not so warm in the mountains, expect freezing temperatures. There was quite a bit of fresh snow on Wednesday so it still might be good.

  28. It's definitely safe... if you limit your parking duration to 5 minutes and ideally don't leave the car unattended.

  29. Why do you need law for everything? Don't rent it if you don't like it. I wouldn't rent it either, but maybe someone would be OK with that.

  30. It’s inhumane? Also a large chance it’s not reported on their income tax filings?

  31. OK, but we already have a separate law for avoiding taxes. No need to mix things together.

  32. The communication between the card and the reader is not even encrypted because it doesn't have to be. Anyone/any device eavesdropping on the communication between the card and the terminal cannot collect enough data to replicate a card number, magnetic strip, NFC chip or CVV. The transaction produces unique digital signatures via encryption inside the devices which are integral to each transaction but unique to each individual transaction.

  33. That's not true. Any card reader (including any phone) can get the card number and expiry date if the attacker can get close enough to your wallet.

  34. https://www.snow-forecast.com/resorts/Whistler-Blackcomb/6day/mid

  35. At least we have the native gas station keeping it real

  36. I don't think so. If it was real the price should be 18.5 cents (TransLink tax) lower than in Vancouver and as far as I know it's not.

  37. Your driving life would be impossible/much more miserable without TransLink. It's basically keeping half of the city off of the road; and frankly, allowing Vancouver to survive, as a city, in general.

  38. I don't disagree on this one. But TransLink can be paid by any other tax source. Maybe property tax when everyone in the area benefits from TransLink?

  39. Seems like there's so many deadly accidents on the slopes this year. Suppose to be coming in on Monday and I'm kinda nervous about conditions or collisions with other riders. I don't have much experience with icy slopes.

  40. There will be no icy slopes on Monday, prepare for deep powder conditions. Check the weather forecast.

  41. Quite idiotic to pull this in 2022 when almost everyone pays by card.

  42. As someone with family overseas, does anyone still pay for long distance? You can make free calls with video, better quality and more privacy with Signal, WhatsApp and other messaging apps.

  43. I wouldn't rely on good internet connection when hidden in a bomb shelter in the middle of the war. Cellular networks may still work better.

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