1. Yes. Whether a high body count contributes to mental instability or whether mental instability leads to a high body count, it doesn't matter. It's still extremely likely that you're mentally unstable, and no man of value wants to date a woman with mental issues. Reference:

  2. I would say it's likely. I mean, you've met Chad right?! 😂

  3. Not sure about "Chad" but guys like him definitely have some other problems going on with them.

  4. One thing to volunteer to raise a kid. Another to be lied to about it, and then be forced to raise it.

  5. I completely sympathize with OP, but I also sympathize with the child (no sympathy for the wife lol).

  6. I’m obviously talking a big game, but I don’t think I’d want to be around the guy that my hypothetical mother duped. I also don’t think I’d blame him for wanting no part in raising me after that.

  7. I could see that. But what if you were, i dont know, 16? You are so young and in just a day your entire life is turned upside down. Can't trust your mother. Father can't look at you the same. What is a kid like that supposed to do? Where do they live? Who do they talk to if they need help?

  8. It would be cool if they could replace him with Klassic Rain. Poor guy has no way of us getting him besides paid packs, a couple of past towers, and a VERY rare chance at level 100 of fatal towers.

  9. If they do replace Smoke it’s definitely going to be with a gold kard

  10. there’s a few options here

  11. Normal battles: 8/10. Some battles in the mid 100s caught me off guard with their difficulty, but once I adapted accordingly it wasn't too bad. Some battles like 184 and 185 were annoying, but not the worst thing ever.

  12. The fact that they have not come out with missing mk characters is annoying. Don't get me wrong, I like KM Raiden and mk11 lue Kang... but where's Stryker? Ferrator? Alien? Predator? Those would be interesting to have at least one card. They don't even need to be gold or diamond

  13. Problem with Ferra/Torr is that they would have to create an entire new skeleton and victory poses just for them, which I'm sure they would think is a lot of work just for one character.

  14. I was going to split my IMMEDIATE release pill into two. One half in the morning and one half in the afternoon, while I normally take my one pill in the afternoon. I am not prescribed slow releasing pills at all.

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