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  1. The stanced look doesn't match the color

  2. agreed, but that color is really nice on this car

  3. might be off topic, but what kind of jordan 1s are those?

  4. question, if i do leave my sammy at home, how does it affect them? sad? is it a bad thing to do?

  5. as long as they get a good amount of mental and physical exercise every day, they will just sleep most of the time you are gone.

  6. damn this things huge. havent seen it around winnipeg tho. what area?

  7. those are two very odd lookin polar bears, adorable nonetheless

  8. Hell yeah! If I see a fighter plane Des Moines I’m not gonna mess with that! Who knows what power they have?

  9. Well I did. I also sold my Implacable to buy a chimaev.

  10. oooof you also sell ships what more could be wrong

  11. Ahhh the old you have no friends retort. None that play video games for sure. As for sucking, well one doesn't have to be good at something to enjoy it. I get enough kills and wins to keep me interested, and I do it without blaming my team too unlike 80% of people in the subreddit and YouTubers who always go on about potatoes making them losem Yeo,vi know when I lose it is because I suck,but I would take that over being delusional enough to think the game puts me with bad players all the time, like crybaby elite.

  12. daliah, i just watched people play the absolute shit out of her and i thought she was a good rogue

  13. is this website safe to use for buying jordans and such?

  14. 3k steel is a ton, for people who don’t play a lot or buyout campaigns, you aren’t getting 3k steel in a month or even two.

  15. along with no ranked, theres no other way to get steel

  16. Get 7 wins in legendary tier will give you 100 steel.

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