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  1. Yeah man I know, I always check profiles. We need more people to call these assholes out in the comments and expose their bullshit. They always post hype memes but spread fud in the comments.

  2. https://giphy.com/gifs/qYfahcIBwpXZAKuM7o

  3. The source is that he is working with a team to prevent naked shorting, AA has already been working on all of those steps on the link above, we’re already on the right path and it’s showing- ctb rising and short interest too! Holding for moon money. ;)

  4. OK so it was a trust me bro... Yes the shorts are going to get a little burned... but if we don't fix the manipulation, after the RS they'll be back at it again.

  5. So the liquidity Ferry today was called Adani... got it.

  6. you mean a pump like that?

  7. I hope they go up in flames like the warehouse.

  8. canceled all my streaming services, I got beautiful $19.99 Amazon OTA antenna that gets me over 90 local channels + Roku TV for free. Can't beat that!

  9. Dave should've asked GG this on his softball interview... but I guess other interests were in the way...

  10. https://giphy.com/gifs/AgHBbekqDik0g

  11. you came from the future to let us know... Thanks!

  12. https://giphy.com/gifs/AXmlgAPgmxtHa

  13. Every single one of your comments on this sub is in the negative and not a little, a lot, you know what you’re doing, I just want you to know everyone else does too, and it’s sad at best

  14. Got it, Thanks. unfortunately this is reddit and I can comment on things the way I see them freely. If you don't like my comments, I suggest you save the aneurysm, down vote it and move on... or better yet, you can block me, and you won't see my comments anymore.

  15. Banks make hundreds of millions on interest payments out of AMC, this same banks are shorting the hell out of AMC, why? because they can, and the SEC is looking away.

  16. Now, that's the beauty of my situation. I am nowhere near the US and I'm not some AA fanboy. I just look at the bigger picture and try and look outside my bubble.

  17. Having a different opinion than yours doesn't make me wrong.

  18. No, I've laid and explained what my ideas are and what are they based on. My replies were as extensive as possible, explaining my thoughts on the matter.

  19. I'll be happy if we get a corruption free market at the end, and jailed those who have been abusing it for decades.

  20. Get ready for the downvotes, here they come...

  21. One thing for sure, you can go through all my posts and you'll see that I've never insulted or attacked anyone because of the way they think about AMC or AA. I just state my opinions and comments, all I get most of the times is childish insults like yours.

  22. well well well, I was just commenting on this on another post and was downvoted as usual... IMO AA needs to address the crime, or we never getting out this hole.

  23. Blocked the fridge too for calling me a Shill to many times.

  24. even your comment got a downvote LOL, np I got you...

  25. https://giphy.com/gifs/3o6Zt4HU9uwXmXSAuI

  26. Conversion and RS are linked and dependent of each other. Both need to pass in order to do a conversion and a RS.

  27. This is part of the reason why CEO Bloc decided to form and fight on their own.

  28. Oh OK. Makes sense, Thanks 🥴

  29. Kinda? sir, we got the Royale with cheese fucked

  30. Then quit your whining and find another team, you dont seem to believe in this one.

  31. If you don't like my post down vote it and STFU...

  32. I'll post once I sell my positions... PLEASE save this post and remind me later when the price spikes.

  33. Sounds like lots of popcorn buying. Concessions=profits

  34. Absolutely, how come AA doesn't even tweet about this? he must be a crayon eater like us

  35. Now, this is something good for AMC

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