1. There was a part where Darius was charging at ekko and ekko looked to just be backdashing normally (backdash cancelled into backdash). Considering their goal of being easy to get into, I would be extremely surprised if they were to intentionally have anything like a korean backdash.

  2. If the game has dash macros like Marvel or Strive, this is just a very simple input.

  3. Backwards wavedashes are just called wavedashes though. Better to call it what it is rather than call it by the wrong name and confuse the newer people in this sub who may not know what a real Korean backdash is.

  4. Kink shaming would be bringing up that he has her wear a Horner mask.

  5. Fighting is cheaper. A proper racing wheel setup, one that won't get you laughed at by other sim racers, costs at least $500.

  6. Won't look like that though. 2D fighter hitboxes are usually in right angles, perpendicular to the stage.

  7. Probably not, the stones replaced the assist system in Mvci along with its the new tag system. PL already has assists, handshake tags, pushblock, faultless defense, active tag, burst, and possibly a parry. A rune system such as the infinity stones in mvci would be overstuffing the system with mechanics.

  8. Stone were also a comeback mechanic. These are falling out of favor and being replaced by different systems to control momentum in newer fighting games (e.g. SF6's Drive System).

  9. Jebus that Magnussen start. You can barely see where he's going on the onboard.

  10. The horny McLaren is my personal favorite.

  11. Didn't Newey admit to adding them simply as a red herring for the other teams to be distracted by.

  12. I mean of course, Marvel players are also working on this game after all.

  13. A year has gone by and they have completed 30% of one character... This game is never coming out.

  14. It's not like that's the only thing they're working on. It's more just what they want to show off. They probably just decided to focus on Illaoi for certain reasons, likely because she was a left-field pick and they felt she would create the most interest.

  15. Same, never been a fan of a bunch of clutter on the screen and random unblockables and obscure 50/50s with tag ins that break character balancing and takes away from their playstyle. And then there's the risk of it becoming like fighterz where because you have to play and learn 3 different characters they are all basically clones and play the same way. And then there's the thing where when it's your turn to attack you can do it for 30 seconds without risk since you're just extending your turn with assists in the hopes of getting a lucky hit that will start your combo. Hopefully it doesn't turn into a block simulator like fighterz.

  16. The new footage shows at least 2 types of pushblock, so it shouldn't have DBFZ's insane block pressure.

  17. This has me wondering how the competitive scene in this game will play out

  18. They've been talking to FGC TOs, and the Cannons themselves started as TOs, being the co-founders of Evo (with Wiz and S-kill). It looks like they're going to try their best to fit into the current open tournament-based FGC ecosystem.

  19. on air dashes, from what i'm seen in past fighting games, the default is most characters will have an air dash as movement, but some are more special and some are less lucky than others. heavy characters (probably like Darius) do not while light characters get more. so if they do implement air dashing as core gameplay, i assume most will have it than not. with Ahri it seems her dashes specifically seem to be some sort of special that can actually attack (which makes sense for her character). actually upon looking at the footage again, it seems characters get a double jump that moves you slightly forward? air dashes themselves strangely enough have always been a sort of mechanical barrier in fighting games (ggst recently took out IAD altogether in favor of a dash button) so i can see both pros and cons to characters not having a traditional air dash

  20. Seeing as the devs seem to be taking a lot from Marvel, air dash won't be that universal. That said, Ahri does have a generic airdash, and not just an attack.

  21. Pushblock seemed to push the opponent full screen so it might be some sort of metered ability

  22. My thrift shops: clothes from the '70s and '80s and furniture from this old crack house.

  23. Imagine going to Japan and finding your entire gaming childhood on sale at some thrift shop.

  24. The Nonination was for "best fighting" not "best fgc game".

  25. Except this is the equivalent of nominating GTA5 for "Best RPG" just because it has a progression system.

  26. Should note that Portimao isn't the only other option, Istanbul Park is also bidding to replace the Chinese GP as the Portuguese Automobile and Karting Federation has confirmed.

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