1. Wrong side. It's on the front and your image was woefully inadequate luckily Techpowerup has some high res images. I circled your vBios chip in red.

  2. A screenshot would help your explanation but it sounds like typical browser sandboxing, each aspect of the browser, extension, etc is its own firebox process.

  3. Is your windows 100% stock up to date no patchers explorer mods or anything?

  4. Idk it works for just in the house I don't carry the 17

  5. I agree, for inside my house I think the Glock light is just fine. Not super blinding and plenty of visibility. It's hideous but not at the same time. I have one on my 20.

  6. Yeah reasonably priced for sure. Debating picking up another to go on my 21 I just picked up.

  7. Tire pressure sensor or throttle position sensor? Tire pressure wont trigger limp mode which is why I ask to clarify.

  8. I cant speak to the current Sheriff but the prior one was very 2A friendly. Even went as far as to say if the gun grabbers tried to come he would not support them. I would assume the voters kept the same momentum with the current Sheriff as I am fairly certain he was the candidate the outgoing Sheriff endorsed.

  9. Better that then the alternative of the older ones. I have one RF Roku remote that just died because it didnt cut off the batteries until they got so low they had leaked acid into the spring so badly it had collapsed and snapped off. I thought about replacing it but we already had 2 remotes paired so my wife gets the physical remote and I use the app.

  10. I was in FPC but the amount of give us more money comms I got from them I did not renew this year. I will renew under an org in the near future I just haven't decided which.

  11. You need to give us some more info to help such as screenshots, driver details, or even the specific model prodesk as there is hundreds.

  12. In theory you should be able to but you will need to reset your computer and expect poor fuel economy for a few hundred miles while it re-learns the proper A/F ratio for the higher flow injectors.

  13. yeah that’s what i did. i created a fresh install on a USB drive then did a brand new install of windows on a brand new boot drive

  14. Then you have a deeper potential hardware issue. I would start by disabling xmp and maybe updating your bios and ensuring AMD chipset drivers are installed. If it still crashes do a memtest86 and start looking for components to borrow or swap to test.

  15. Memory is the easier one to replace. Contact Corsair you are well within warranty. Start there.

  16. If you are near the Bay Area check out Triple A in Vallejo they tend to keep Italian made 92FS in stock. I picked one up from them not too long ago.

  17. Thank you very much. I am not from the Bay Area but I’m not too far either so driving there for one is definitely possible. My M9 didn’t even come with that cool gray box, it just came in a generic black box. Yet another reason why I want an Italian 92fs.

  18. I got a slight discount because of a trade in deal. Here they are on gunbroker

  19. Already re-linked the account, still doesn't work, and as I said, a few years ago we got rid of the parental controls and this didn't begin happening until a few months ago.

  20. Read my whole comment please. This likely will need their involvement as something is still flagged triggering this. This has nothing to do with a parental controls app this is a microsoft account level trigger.

  21. I did read the comment, I just really don't want to go to the trouble of contacting Microsoft. I also did ask my dad, since he does know about technology and was the one who set up the parental controls all those years back, and he's also dumbfounded. My mom doesn't know about technology nor does she have to do anything with the parental controls.

  22. Your only other option most likely is a new local only admin account.

  23. You know the person that downvoted me just bought their mini for $999msrp 😂

  24. Was thinking about a Mini 14 until I saw that MSRP. Got an AK for 900 instead lol. I already have an M1 carbine for my non-scary looking rifle.

  25. This is why I gladly paid a gunsmith to once over and adjust the timing on my Model 29, my hands aren't great with tiny bits anymore.

  26. I'll never use a bank again. Have gone through Great Lakes CU for three loans now and haven't had a single problem. Had a check in my hand within 24 hours. And they offer aftermarket warranties too.

  27. I agree with credit unions. I once went to pay off my auto loan but sent a large payment to a credit card to the same CU. They got the check and called me asking if I meant to pay off the loan as the amount was well over my cc balance and matched it. Luckily I had caught it and already sent another so I was able to instead ask them to destroy it instead of it bouncing but the fact that they did so ensured my being a recurring customer.

  28. It will get bought by another bank you will owe someone. Then once paid off the lien release will be a royal pain in the ass.

  29. The File Explorer / Edge method doesn’t appear in Microsoft Edge anymore.

  30. What I linked is a regedit not edge.

  31. Sounds like a perfect excuse to order some hard line a tube bender and a flare tool and make your own. I know it isn't the answer you were looking for but it's easier than it sounds and the tools are affordable.

  32. What on earth happened to the last one on the bottom? How did the frame crack like that?

  33. no crack, just a blur from using google photos to "erase" the serial

  34. Ah, I gotcha. Sorry for the confusion. The picture makes it look like it cracked.

  35. Yeah their AI algorithm looks to be assuming the cylinder gap should continue down haha

  36. Your key should be covered by digital entitlement so leave it in your microsoft account and just reinstall it will self-activate at first boot. Be forewarned you will have ASUS bloat even at fresh install as ASUS boards leverage the Windows Platform Binary Table to essentially rootkit level install their bloat.

  37. Check your services bet there's an Asus one or 2. You only stop a portion of it this way. Just uninstall it so much wasted energy over a simple bit of software.

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