1. Innate powers are still powers so they follow the rule of 1 power, 1 target unless the power specifically tells you to perform effects in other lands (technically those other lands still weren't the "target land")

  2. I’ve never heard it used for no DLC personally. Anything made 1st party would still be considered vanilla in my eyes.

  3. My experience was "Vanilla WoW" which mostly meant no expansions but mods were still used. I guess communities decide what it means.

  4. Robots don't assist with design (other than being new options) but rather the mechanics of it. You can take a minute or two to manually rip up a belt and place it one tile to the left or you can ctrl-x, ctrl-v and the bots do it for you in much less time.

  5. Prime Climb has you roll two 10-sides dice. Then advance your pawns applying addition/subtraction/multiplication/division (your choice) to one of your pawns relative to their current location. Get bonus cards if landing on a prime number. Goal is to get both your pawns to space #101.

  6. Can you do the same operation twice? Add/add or multiply/multiply being the likely choices in this case.

  7. I asked a similar question a couple weeks ago and there were some great responses to my specific concerns.

  8. Even some well-known groups on youtube are guilty of this. I would go insane if someone constantly questioned my every decision, "Are you sure you wanna do that? You COULD take out that other monster so that we can... etc."

  9. Quarterbackong in Spirit Island is easy if you're only focusing on the cards about to be resolved and the current board state/future invader action. DIctating growth and card picks and plays is too exhausting to do easily but telling someone "pushing that town there is dumb" is much easier.

  10. Agree, I play both of them on TTS for that reason.

  11. Eldritch Horror. I love it, but the setup is suuuch a pain.

  12. We have it to a science. Maybe 10 minutes due to shuffling and random investigator pulls leading to a tough choice of optional investigators to round out the crew. We don't stack the mythos deck for difficulty though. I'm sure that adds time.

  13. Based on your definition you could classify it that way but I don't think it would be a useful reference to those that are on the outside looking in. The deck construction and usage is more important to communicate.

  14. Why are rivalries good? Don't they make members spawn less in maps?

  15. No, they spawn more and won't have a "betray" option if they're the only two (I think). Friends will betray if they are the only 2 left and betray effects may not be as useful as an execution rankup.

  16. "Rivals never spawn alongside each other in maps."

  17. It is wrong. The point of all relationships is to increase concurrent spawns.

  18. POV: I brought the pioneer nuclear waste.

  19. If research has been your main goal of automation you can stop research and eventually all the machines making science will stop. Less pollution is produced this way too.

  20. This is mostly the kind of info I am looking for. I knew K2 adds a bunch to SE, but not to what extent/level. Knowing it is 300ish% is very helpful.

  21. Adding K2 does not increase overall time that badly. Pre-space is slower. Late game is easier with faster machine that have more module slots.

  22. Rules check: blazing renewal targets a spirit and a land, so you wouldn’t be able to repeat it with Downpours Special Rule?

  23. Someone on here said once that high level Hapsburg's is all about keeping towns under control, and I agree. Your most likely win scenario is getting to fear level 3, at which point there should be very few cities to destroy. Best way to do both those things at once is destroy as many towns as possible.

  24. We prefer top track stone for more plays. More card plays means more lands handled.

  25. Top track is definitely great, I personally just prefer meeting the element thresholds for stone's innates earlier. The bigger rebound damage makes it easier to clear towns earlier, potentially preventing future explores/builds/gathers, whereas stone's preferred cards are often defensive and don't do a lot of damage on their own. Probably makes a big difference which other spirit(s) you're playing with.

  26. We have had issues with Stone trying too hard to be offensive with reflect and failing at his assigned duty of preventing loss. If we need Earth we just reclaim since the presence placement restriction isn't very onerous. Top track also opens up Major Options which are our preferred end game.

  27. I also realized it does not work with Grenades. This made me realize it only works with "power" type skills such as tornado, wave of denial, phaser etc. I have not yet tried it with turrets or pets activations, possible it would also not work.

  28. Having played StS this somewhat makes sense. The Defect in that game has a lot of Powers to use for scaling.

  29. You can transport from storage boxes. It's what got me back in and was a massive change. Like bots in factorio, but simpler.

  30. Simpler and more limited. Makes sense as the PLS/ILS are supposed to be the workhorses.

  31. I play BP if I want an easy fast game. The other adversaries are more interesting. Just learn them one level at a time :-]

  32. Mmmm Space Exploration. My favorite part of that mod was when I sat in my personal space yacht for 100 hours directing legions of bots to do my bidding on dozens of surfaces. DSP is pretty but I miss the ability to manage from afar.

  33. I'm a new player to DSP from Factorio and I've gotten used to the range limitation and the fact they don't add logistics range to each other but I really really wish that the range was visually indicated. There are some screenshots around that give a good visual aid but in the game you just set it down and see if it works and try again if it doesn't.

  34. yup usually how it goes..the 1 person doesn't think it applies to them ...worthless way to go about it .

  35. Our "one person" would actually come back and comment to the rest of us later something along the lines of: "I can't believe anyone would do that, they really need to straighten up!" --__--

  36. I get being frustrated at what you see as incompetence, but keep it professional and civil. You want people to be better than children? Don't treat them like children (side note, don't treat children like this either).

  37. At that point you're better off just loading the densest material you can get instead of any explosive

  38. Hence the Iridium Piledriver as an option. Never used it so I don't know how effective it is.

  39. I tried to do that in Dyson Sphere Program (that's how I discovered Factorio) and the only problem with this approach was finding out hours later that you built something wrong and the only way to correct it is to destroy a lot of stuff and rebuild.

  40. As a person new to DSP the blueprints are nice but I miss the seamless copy/paste of factorio. Building things that aren't anywhere near you is amazing.

  41. I played DSP a while ago but I remember using

  42. It's close but it brings up a very obviously different interface and at least in my game the w/s keys feel reversed in it. Factorio copy/paste in contrast is seamless.

  43. Heh I thought you were referring to Beast doomstacks/spreading.

  44. Look on the bottom left. See that popup titles "New tips"? So start with those. Click "Mark as read" to dismiss the tip, which will open a couple more.

  45. Best tips screen in any game I've played. Very useful and well-written.

  46. You should always look at the tips and tutorials the game provides you. Even if you don't want to study them in detail when they pop up a brief look will give you an idea of what's possible. Then later you can look again when something makes you think "wait, didn't they tell me something about that?"

  47. I can highly recommend The Sexy Brutale. One of my favourite titles from a few years back, and honestly, it's a really cool aesthetic and story that'll keep you guessing the whole way through. Soundtrack is phenomenal too.

  48. Love the Soundtrack for Sexy Brutale. I sometimes play the main title theme just to get some blood pumping. Good game too, though I liked OW better.

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