1. Thank god almighty. This has been one of the most discussed requests on the Plex forums for years and I’m surprised to see such a quiet rollout.

  2. Better than announcing it with great fanfare only for it to fall flat on intended function.

  3. Non-American here, does it actually matter if they aren't insured?

  4. Ditto Australia. I didn't realise we had so much street cred. Woot.

  5. We've got two Subaru's with CVT and neither drives badly. Both are very smooth and don't do rough ratio changes.

  6. That's one angry commuter who finally lost it.

  7. This is still fun even today. Many a LAN party was had back in the day, mostly on this very map.

  8. I think you've misunderstood what "circlework" means.

  9. I initially saw the first pic and thought it was a weird desktop PC...

  10. Cool video but that’s a really good way to hit a moose. (Or whatever your local large mammals might happen to be).

  11. They're more likely to hit another car that's driving with their headlights off.

  12. Don’t forget that he had a DeLorean. He said it 100 times.

  13. It's that what he had? I wasn't quite 100% on that. Thanks for clarifying.

  14. I have a 2023 and occasionally it will turn off. In the supplemental manual that covers the Eyesight features, it lists when it will shut off. All of the times mine shuts off, it makes sense considering what is im the manual.

  15. Well when you have members of that sub literally claiming the Nazis were right, then you know they're not exactly operating with a full set of mental faculties.

  16. They certainly aren't playing with a full deck of cards.

  17. A= oil change 1= tire rotation 3= replace trans fluid (drain and fill)

  18. Great quality shots. Lots of detail. Love it!

  19. Never ever buy cars with gold. Unless it's in single digits.

  20. Upgrades. Some can only be bought with gold, so you have no other choice.

  21. You need a premium Reddit account to see the pic.

  22. Man I don’t care- I just love air conditioning- the new ones are amazing and cheap to run

  23. They're definitely getting more efficient. Well worth upgrading old systems, that's for sure.

  24. We run our ducted air on "low" at 23 degrees. Never ever use Auto or high modes. High gets your temp down quick, but it uses way too much energy for little gain, and Auto fluctuates so much that you will actually use more energy than low for the same period anyway.

  25. Lol I am Aussie, how on earth can you tell from the board?

  26. The rest of the world doesn't put the kilojoules of the food up. And because metric detected.

  27. I never knew Australia was the only place that did that.

  28. I remember when they first introduced the concept, places like KFC were not happy with it, fearing it would make people buy less food and affect the bottom line unfairly.

  29. Not a fan, also your lights are too fucking bright.

  30. That's the camera adjusting aperture, not his headlights doing a dance.

  31. I have a Gooloo unit in a bag in the back of my Outback. Haven't had to use it personally, but I have saved a lot of other stranded drivers with it. It's insane how long it keeps charge for and how many times it can be used before needing to be recharged.

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