1. kids shouldnt be playing online games, is what i think

  2. Not true, they should be playing them, especially pay2win games because that way the devs can rake up that money

  3. You do make some really good points here. If people actually read this message then they’ll get it and why it’s allowed, instead of complaining about why it’s still there to begin with.

  4. So who the fuck cares let their asses die in Stalingrad again if they wanna be like that

  5. If by “the law” you mean rules that they themselves implemented that nobody actually liked or wanted which made half the people on the subreddit unable to interact with the community of the show they liked, alongside permabanning anyone who complained and even breaking their own rules at times, then yes, they did nothing wrong, just doing their jobs

  6. Facts bro it’s just descended into chaos

  7. I'm interested, still looking for a artist?

  8. Me but i only do traditional lol

  9. Just a heads up, the original was made by Kaliningrad general. Great countryball channel, you should check him out.

  10. I found it on discord so don’t blame me

  11. Then who the fuck posted an entire video by another youtuber to discord with no context?

  12. I got this video a while ago, so don’t expect me to know

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