1. It was a gasoline fire, you can tell by the "boom" in Nowhere To Run, when the fire shows up.

  2. The most important thing is that you spelled “threw” as “through” one time when saying that something was thrown out the window.

  3. She's almost entirely plush, with magnetic joints that communicate the movement commands through chords on the inside of each limb that they'll kind of plug to with the magnets. The teeth are also retractable, blunt and push down like a fake blade. The other artists offered a different design up at corporate that was much more spiky and reminiscent of how much danger you'd imagine a child would be in trying to play with the old version of Mangle, just more updated as far as Glam Rock style goes.

  4. Mangle looks like a furry in this ngl. Can’t believe the William was so into that stuff

  5. Making jokes to heal his broken self esteem

  6. You look like a washed up celebrity that had plastic surgery to look like how she looked in her prime but didn’t have enough money to finish it overall.

  7. Bro Elizabeth is a dumbass she literally went up to a quite obvious killer animatronic and died

  8. Thank you. Around 2 weeks to print (Many failed attempts), 2 weeks to sand, 1 week to paint (Also a few failed attempts). These are rough estimates since I've printed and painted different parts of the body at the same time.

  9. Does it have the kids bodies in it yet

  10. The good old days when our biggest concern was who the purple guy was . Ahh, good times

  11. Yeah the good old days when murdering children was a common occurrence

  12. Gotta love the shitty clickbait posts like this

  13. That's right the new theories just confuse even more and are a nightmare for me to understand them because too much t e x t

  14. Ikr so many fucking 9 year olds playing FNaF :(

  15. Yeah that's annoying people saying FNAF is for kids i know the animatronics designs are friendly but the lore is another case

  16. They should just make it more violent

  17. If I have to choose one biggest hope, I want this DLC to do the main villains (Bill and Vanny) justice, because the main campaign screwed them over. If the DLC manages to somehow fix her and let his plans not be ruined so anticlimactically, it'll already be a great DLC.

  18. I hope that Gregory sells Glamrock Freddy off of Craigslist, or that the Pizzeria is bulldozed to make room for a mass production factory to produce more stainless steel and fiberglass for future FNaF projects

  19. Art by me — I’m obsessed with Bonnie so I paint him all the time ☺️🎸🐰

  20. He would like Seth Binzer but in 1999

  21. It’s that abandoned pizzeria behind that abandoned factory

  22. Puppet by TangoTeds and FNaF 1 Retextures by Justie_Is_Real

  23. Like how the puppet literally defies physics and floats in mid air

  24. Would be so bad but funny if like a C or some shit

  25. It's just that he didn't really intend for Michael of all people to show up.

  26. It wasn’t intended for us because the night guard already had a shit ton of money from his previous jobs so he wanted some other poor college kid to take the job

  27. Huh, this is a neat idea. Favourite robot from each of these categories, huh?

  28. It’s Favorite homie spell it right

  29. Man likes Toy Bonnie. A long time ago my Discord account was named that which resulted in me getting banned from Dawko’s server. Fuck Toy Bonnie and fuck Dawko!

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