1. Despite the rumors, Batman is not actually a giant vampire bat.

  2. Only if you're writing literary fiction and are pretentious enough that people believe it's a deliberate choice.

  3. Sounds more like something to post on Royal Road instead. You could easily spin this out for several hundred chapters over there.

  4. Why are you still on youtube? Authors are on tiktok now.

  5. It's a combination of all of those - everyone has their own definition to a degree, some actual rules apply, and some of it is current tastes. Oh, and some is nostalgia/age.

  6. Proper spelling, grammar and punctuation are one prerequisite.

  7. I think you aren't quite there yet. Write fanfiction for a few more years and really practice your craft.

  8. Or alternatively, just start writing real original stories and embrace sucking for a little while

  9. It's really difficult to find people willing to read your original work, even if it's okay to good.

  10. The capital city in Raymond Feist's Midkemia Saga is called "Krondor" so I'd say it's fine.

  11. Thank you for this, I wasn't sure how detailed I was allowed to be here. :) I added some details in the main post that will hopefully give more info.

  12. Food is definitely the answer here. The fox cooks for the soldier and they eat together. Sharing a meal is a deep bonding moment, and taking care of someone/getting taken care of is a big step towards acceptance.

  13. I know you're not asking for crit on the title, and the title might change later anyway, but... the title is too generic. If I saw that title somewhere, I would skip it, because I got the vague feeling that I had read read it already.

  14. Fastest reflexes on the planet, and yet. And yet.

  15. Nope. Hal is not canonically gay, closeted or otherwise. Not in any continuity.

  16. Make sure to put it on the cover and in the description. Some people will overlook it anyway and leave grumpy reviews that it's too short. Or return the book. Or leave a 1-star rating.

  17. Will Amazon punish you by blocking/banning your book if people claim it's deceptive even if you say it's a novella? Does Amazon automatically side with Buyers?

  18. Most of the time no human even sees the complaints - the bots react automatically.

  19. When an author decides to include a language they don't speak.

  20. And publishing without an agent often means you have to pay the publisher

  21. Continue and then, once the first draft is done, edit it.

  22. How long are your stories? As in, novel, novella, short story?

  23. I mostly write short stores and want to write novels as well maybe. I write horror and sci-fi fantasy.

  24. Okay, for short stories, go to the submission grinder I linked above. That is a sortable list of magazines that accept short stories. You can sort by genre, payrate, acceptance rate, speed of reply and so on.

  25. If the evil king's wife had no choice about marrying the evil king, and if divorce is not a thing/not an option, it becomes a lot less wrong.

  26. Start with short stories. You need to learn as you go, and starting a novel right out the gate is... unlikely to be successful.

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