1. Check my post history for a completed one with the words 😊

  2. It's been almost 4 months since I last picked up my needle. A realllly large project with no end in sight along with some shoulder/neck pain (probably from stitching?) Took me out for awhile, but trying to dip my toes back in with this really small piece.

  3. I am currently, as I write this, stoned off my ass on this exact thing. Me and my partner took a single hit each and it's an incredible experience. We feel extremely zen, completely at peace, very head floaty.

  4. Careful, I don't think this is OP based on their post history 🙄

  5. I’m curious what makes you think that

  6. Literally scroll through their post history. It's obviously a dudes account based on what they post.

  7. 😍 where did you get this set from? I need it in my life

  8. It's the Aurora Cabin by Dimensions! It's so so pretty with it's sparkle accent thread. You can see it better in my other posts.

  9. Any idea how to join? I click the subreddit and I don't have access

  10. Beautiful nails too! I bet they either make it harder to stitch, or easier to get them to lay flat haha reminds me of a finger tool someone posted on here just for that 🤭

  11. This is a really dumb question, but what is blending filament? 🙈

  12. Also! If you zoom in on the pink and orange areas, you can see it sitting on top of the colored thread

  13. You could also try couching to get those long straight lines to sit more evenly. It would also add a really fitting vibe of a frame.

  14. Ah, I already have a frame planned. The beads are definitely causing me a headache.

  15. Oo! I didn't mean an actual frame frame. I meant like the outline frame, the lines of thread that were used to outline the piece could benefit from couching to hold them down more aligned and add some to the outline.

  16. I can PM you the grid paper drawing plans I made, but I don't have an actual pattern. I created/modified an image I had found online somewhere.

  17. Looks great! Just a little tip, masking tape will help protect your edges from fraying and pulling out like that and comes off really easily 😉

  18. Thank you for that tip! I tried painters tape and it didn’t work so I gave up and thus the crazy edges 😂

  19. Yea masking tape is where it's at, I've tried both as well.

  20. 😳😍 looks incredible and I can't imagine how taxing all that back stitching was ... Did you do it one section at a time? Or all the back stitch at the end?

  21. That's crazy 😱 I tend to do it the same way though, but I'm contemplating doing it by section on my big piece.

  22. Oh Wow! That is going to look amazing. I love how full the coverage is. How many strands are you using?

  23. So far that's 6 strand half stitch - this is my first full coverage piece so it's definitely a bit intimidating. It's 16 count aida (256 stitches per square inch) and it'll be 12x16 inches for 49,152 stitches 😳

  24. i love they i know what this is because i’ve done it and recognise it after staring at it for so long… will be very worth it when you’re done, it’s beautiful! can’t wait to see your progress :)

  25. Haha I think there's a few of us on here crazy enough to undertake this particular pattern as one of our first few pieces 🤭 I've done a handful of other smaller ones over the last couple of years, but I started this one almost two Christmases ago and just picked it back up after finishing the blue section in the picture then since it is currently my only unfinished project.

  26. Did you iron it after you washed? I like to put mine inside a white undershirt and iron it on low heat near the end of drying. While it is still the tiniest bit wet. It really helps take out those creases from your hoops!

  27. I did iron it (when it was just a little wet) but I still couldn't get the creases out! So I decided it was good enough, lol. Any ideas for next time?

  28. One tip is to not leave it in the frame unless you're actively stitching it. I know it's a little cumbersome but especially if it's going to be sitting in the frame for more than a few days. I like to take it out and let it rest. Also after you wash it before you iron it very gently and slowly tug the fabric in different directions to stretch it back out and flatten it some more.

  29. I have a magnetic thread parking thingy which I just moved to the bottom out of the way to take the picture

  30. But why have so many unfinished threads dangling? I just didn't know if there was a reason or purpose behind it, that I was unaware of.

  31. I like to keep multiple threads going at the same time. Have you heard of the parking method of stitching? I do a bit of a blend between parking and cross-country. I get bored working with one colour at a time so I work in rows of 20 squares. Sometimes doing all of one colour in that row then parking the thread in the next stitch of the next block of 20 squares while I work on the next colour.

  32. Ahh I see now. I've never heard of that way of doing it. I understand the appeal, but I don't know if I would be able to handle the chaotic nature of it. I tend to do a color/section at a time just depending on the piece I'm working on, but I couldn't fathom leaving an unfinished thread haha

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