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  1. Oh don't worry about it, you don't actually have to register a vehicle or have plates in this city. I would say "/s" but it's at least partially true.

  2. I speak German and this is a 100% accurate translation.

  3. I would argue that braking 5 vertebrae and a femur is much worse, but I'm also not a doctor.

  4. I am, and I would argue the ribs are much worse. They move continuously, with every single breath. Whereas you can stabilize your back and leg. We have protocols in trauma centers to admit people to the ICU for rib fractures (usually 3 or more, along with other risk factors) because of the extreme risk of respiratory failure/pneumonia from not being able to breathe properly/cough because of the pain.

  5. Yeah. maybe temporarily. But wouldn't 5 vertebrae have the potential for problems later, like chronic pain for life?

  6. Possibly. It's extremely common in blunt force trauma for people to break parts of the vertebrae that cause no problems (spinous processes, transverse processes). You can also have compression fractures with no real consequences. You can also have unstable fractures through the vertebral bodies that need emergency repair for risk of paralysis. It's just extremely variable and basically depends on where the fractures are and how close they are to the spinal cord or the nerves that exit the spine. The chronic pain thing is impossible to predict and depends in large part on what kinds of fractures occurred.

  7. Damn, imagine going into the ER with a severed finger, and when they asked what happened you have to say "paper cut."

  8. But I mean literally what brand or name are they? I cant find them. i look up wrist strap hooks and such and all I see are the ones with plastic hooks that curve into the palm.

  9. If you google "wrist straps" it's the very first thing that pops up. Here's a link to wrist straps by Rogue:

  10. Those are old school traditional wrist straps...thats not whats being used by guy in the video.

  11. Those are definitely what are being used in the video

  12. 6th was an unplowed mess around 6am, but people were going appropriate speeds at least and giving proper distance between cars. Guess the 100-car pile-up has people spooked into slowing down.

  13. I very narrowly avoided that pile up and called out of work this morning (driving from Denver to Colorado Springs). I'm not used to driving in the snow/don't know the area very well and didn't want to risk it.

  14. I was the one holding the King Soopers sign

  15. Elevated roadway. On my way home all the bridges were icy.

  16. I very narrowly avoided this... hope everyone involved is okay. I think when bridges/elevated roads freeze but regular roads don't it's way more dangerous, especially when traffic has people driving at speed/tailgating but is still concentrated. Basically a giant game of pinball/Russian roulette.

  17. Hello. I am facing a problem with my voral ganglion cyst as well recently. It wasn’t a problem for the past year. But it’s not letting me do push-ups now without pain. How to proceed? Thanks a lot

  18. I would ask your doctor to get a referral to a surgeon to discuss possible excision.

  19. No prob, best of luck. These things are annoying to deal with, but the surgery is usually pretty straight forward.

  20. Actually a solid pro tip and good share; always wondered with indoor paid garages what the best option was for something like that.

  21. Better pro tip is to keep an auto jump starter in your vehicle.

  22. I agree, I actually just ordered one. Sometimes you have to learn the hard way.

  23. I'm pretty sure it's just paralyzed from the neck down.

  24. This is obviously the TSA line at Denver.

  25. I have officially spent more time trying to figure out how to watch the avs games than actually watching the games.

  26. 100% this. I was able to watch this game through Hulu as well.

  27. Sorry for the dumb question, I'm just trying to figure all of this out. How do you stream ESPN+ through Hulu? Do you just open Hulu and the various games appear just like the other shows/movies on Hulu?

  28. This is obviously fake because the cars are actually moving.

  29. If it's a rare cancer and you have the resources, 100% Fort Collins. There are very few academic vet hospitals in the country, and that's one of the best ones.

  30. Also doing espn+ and a VPN and it's better than the high seas for me. Alot more convenient too, instead of casting from pc to tv via chromecast I can just run the VPN and espn directly on the chromecast

  31. What VPN are you using? I’ve never used one and don’t want to sign up for something that doesn’t work

  32. The "shit, everyone knows shoe bombs aren't real" approach. It's about damned time.

  33. I always laugh a little internally when they make me take off my sandals

  34. Same! I fly pretty often and I’ve never had to wait more than 5 minutes to go through TSA at DIA, even during the holidays. Wonder what I’m doing right? lol.

  35. I was there on a Thursday morning a few weeks ago and timed it, it took 45 minutes to get through. I don’t think I’ve ever gotten through any faster there either. I must be doing something wrong

  36. In Colorado the sound was pretty terrible, on account of it being blacked out on ESPN+

  37. I'm surprised someone in a suit didn't blind fold you and say "this live in-person game is blacked out in your area."

  38. This is actually pretty awesome... you can 100% get them to send you another one and can still keep this one.

  39. I’m an independent contractor so I don’t have a salary, but I probably make 150k a year and pay 3k a month for a 3 bedroom apartment. I would be pretty comfortable if I didn’t have 400k in student loan debt.

  40. I'm a grown ass man and cried during the entire video.

  41. looks more like they cut themselves breaking that glass

  42. Or cut themselves frantically trying to escape. There are a million different possible scenarios. Regardless, they got what they deserved.

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