1. Buddha adds. But it’s going to go up in price with its rework

  2. If im a kid then that just reflects worse on you and if get that mad about saying somebody saying “ok and?” And you are 18+ that’s pathetic

  3. Aren’t you just mad you were wrong in the first place. You got pissed when I told you it was a L trade

  4. When was i mad? You’re the one visibly malding that i said “ok and” and i could not care less if its a L trade 💀

  5. That's... odd. If you performed the Windows factory reset, it wouldn't come up to a domain sign in request like this.

  6. It went back to Log in with admin or guest. But I did fix it

  7. If “Ong” means on god like I think it does, you are absolutely 13 years old

  8. Even if my age was 13 why do you care. Anyone can say Ong if they want

  9. I might be wrong but the whole card has a glossy piece in it because it’s a holo. So It might be torn off like you said

  10. Idk if I’m stupid or not but why is Sanji transphobic??

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