1. ok but how tf do you even throw a cake that far?

  2. ability to change physics and interactive items, like a moon map where the gravity is lighter and theres doors you can open

  3. How to contain SCP-173. Put it on a cube, fill the cube with concrete. Now it's unable to move.

  4. since it is made of the same material would it merge and become a sentient concrete cube?

  5. Doesn't matter, since the jail has the same size it would be unable to move

  6. what if the entire containment chamber came alive & started snapping peoples necks? then we'll be fucked

  7. the image cropped when i was scrolling so all i saw was the caption "dads" with a cow from barnyard standing

  8. i didnt realize those were legs so at first i thought you fucked up a taxidermy on your cst

  9. good point. what about 106, hes good at getting out of boxes

  10. wouldnt that mean eating everything inside of the cave, that being, the earth?

  11. i didnt play mc back then but these bring back memories of stampy holy hell

  12. if the cat is anything like mine then there is at least one shredded wire in there

  13. everyones talking about the stats but no one is talking about "level 10 celsius"

  14. im pretty sure google translate can be considered ai, so yes

  15. i was talking about exterminating vatican city but that could also work

  16. just like the character he plays as (rest in peace robert)

  17. i tried opening this comment on my desktop and it bluescreened lol

  18. sir this is a subreddit about screenshots of roblox characters saying questionable things, but cool art

  19. Quick scoping is not the problem imo, I think the little dot being the only indication for a hard scoped sniper is not balanced

  20. The real question is: Do they maintain the uh

  21. even if they did you still probably couldnt notice from all the backflipping

  22. Posting he meant POST or power on self test. It's the self diagnostics the computer runs every boot.

  23. As a bios update fail usually just kills the software, the hardware usually still works fine. So all the power routes and distribion are usually all intact.

  24. i guess the pc had learned its lesson because now the monitor actually works, i dunno how, it just, did

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