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  1. This is the collection most can only dream of

  2. Im looking forward to the new EU DC so I can add my fair share of PF content like ex and fun runs

  3. Bulbasaur for a partner and my life would be perfect.

  4. That Rabbit would have done you in a treat mate.

  5. I finally got a new villa. Life under Nero is secure.

  6. Lore is accurate for FFXIV. Someone picked up the sword.

  7. 70 here, its definitely just if you've unlocked it

  8. I am glad you are enjoying the story. Also never let a friend tell you how to play, especially if they tell you to skip cutscenes 😶

  9. I think their schools are more about teaching the history of their own state and country than world history.

  10. watches a taxi pull up beside me ITS NOT AN UBAA!

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