1. I hope they're planning on adding everything that's in the current Amogus version. Or people find out how to mod roles in...or is that a mod?

  2. Guys when I play the game there are lines appearing around my vision near the edges when i move is it normal

  3. You can reduce and even essentially remove that in your settings.

  4. I have a fairly long wishlist for this game so far:

  5. I don't think we need speed of movement.

  6. The desktop version has a leveling system as well as cosmetics to be unlocked.

  7. Potential sudden motion sickness, if you were going to join a random lobby and it suddenly has 3x-player-speed.

  8. How are you tired of “all the Among Us hype“?

  9. Every year, the picks boil down to:

  10. If among us vr wins, there is no hope left for humanity.

  11. It’s overdone by a long shot by memes YTubers, even social media. SUS SUS SUS. Just generally sick of the community

  12. Well, it is a good game though, so calling it trash doesn't make sense.

  13. Is it basically the same as the Among Us they had on VR chat, but with different graphics? I remember being a fan of Among Us and playing it on my phone all the time and yet, the experience of playing it on VR was…. Disappointingly underwhelming. It was like, the game didn’t translate well to VR. Probably in part because the graphics on the VR chat version are hideous… but also, the emergency meetings are a complete different experience when there’s voice and everyone is talking over each other. I don’t know. Can anyone who has played both the VR chat version and this one, give a comparison?

  14. To be fair, the VRchat-version lacks the discussion-phase from the meetings completely, from what I understand.

  15. What?? Really? So there’s no discussions at all? How is that possible? The discussion meetings are a crucial part of the gameplay.

  16. I mean that it straight up skips to the phase in which everyone can vote, basically removing the first phase of the meeting as it can be found in the original game. This can often lead to people having no chance of actually convincing enough people in time and so on.

  17. 3 maps and honestly that already is 3 times more than what vr has but I’ll gladly continue: Original Amongus had servers you could overview and join, it had a working camera feed, lobby customization like setting how many imposters there’s gonna be in a game, way broader customization options and the fact that you had 3 map’s

  18. Incorrect. You are thinking of when Among Us did grow in popularity in the 2nd half of 2020 and onwards, but you really should check when it actually got released in 2018.

  19. Guess I have been proven wrong. Original release still has a lot more than what vr has sadly.

  20. I will look more into both releases and will return later with a proper comparison.

  21. Well, definitely not for long anymore, at the very least.

  22. I played the VRchat version once, and I still have hearing damage from the squeakers. I stupidly pre-ordered the standalone version and I am pretty sure I will regret it.

  23. At least you can can mute individual players for yourself in Among Us VR and the meeting-area that is the Cafeteria-room seems big enough to actually create some distance to loud players.

  24. A fraction of the base game features, screaming goblins on voice chat in a game where you're not supposed to be able to coordinate with other players or have any idea what the heck is going on. Why are the devs acting dumb like this is some kinda experimental tech where they're afraid to go all-in like they didn't already make a killing on the base game? I really wanted to support this title. F*ck these clowns.

  25. For what base game features are you looking for?

  26. Well, the Cosmicube-system from the original game would probably be more fitting.

  27. Probably so Impostors won't get easily caught for faking tasks, sabotaging and so on.

  28. how can anyone watch this fucking woman unironically, holy shit.

  29. Being in a lobby with just friends seems to be fun. However 90% of my games are 10-year-olds crying about being killed first or people screaming into the mic.

  30. You can mute individual players for yourself

  31. Huh, that is very interesting. I will try to do it with all other variations of the customization-options to see if that happens with anything else.

  32. The game was specifically built for VR only so dont expect any pancake mode

  33. You can mute individual people for yourself and can get people to vote-kick with you to get rid of any toxic individuals

  34. Anyone who doesnt agree with this guy either hasnt played or are part of the issue. The issue isnt kids being there, I have had great multiplayer games with people of all ages. The issue is people randomly screaming endlessly or as mentioned people are getting abused prelobby because of what colour they are.

  35. You can mute individual players for yourself

  36. Yeah… that would probably not work that well.

  37. Okay, serious question...and I’ve never played this game before but I’ve played things like it…how can you even tell what’s going on with all those people talking at once? It sounded like straight up chaos in there. I’m hoping we’ll be able to pair up with friends in a private game because that could get brutal if you get a bad group or a spoiler. Maybe it will work fine and I just need to wait and see.

  38. What do you mean by “the real one“?

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