What job contributes nothing to society?

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  1. Looking through a few large states it seems like they generally share the same priorities, education then health/welfare or vice-versa, do you agree? Any other interesting things pop out?

  2. A is for Asexual. B is for Bisexual. C is for Cunnilingus. D Is if Demisexual. E is for Ejaculation. F is for Furry. G is for Gay. H is for Homosexual.....

  3. And here I thought this was to feed vampires at first lol. My apologies for lack of knowledge here. 😕

  4. I'm reluctant to blame the meth because there's clearly a rotten human being in there regardless.

  5. Meth makes you very apathetic when under its influence. Dislike using nazis as examples, but even they thought their own soldiers were frightening on it.

  6. Hanging her out in the public square I see. By modern standards her crimes don't seem that bad. Doubt this will really change how courts convict white collar crimes, but more for the virtue signaling of famous cases being highly publicised.

  7. I hate that people have so much money that they can drive a car worth $1M. My damn house cost like $50K and i prolly cant even qualify for insurance on that car. To bad people aren’t paid for their skills instead of their status, i wouldnt be rich but this dude would be driving around a car worth a rock either.

  8. Looks like the man is the instigator here. Probably done this many times too.

  9. Whatever happens, 1 head is gonna end up exploding

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