1. When you see the the TCAP segment, he says he wants to watch the decoy change and then 10 minutes later denies on wanting to have sex with the decoy and continues to deny & deny, like it sucks Chris didn't call him out on that cause I sure as hell would and not in a nice way.

  2. The fact that this piece of trash still denies and refuses to accept responsibility to this day infuriates me like this motherfucker still blames Chris and everyone else and you know your a total piece of shit when other Sex offenders hate him, yes from what I heard his sexual offender class peers also hate him, just like Lorne the motherfucker is still failing sec offender treatment cause he refuses to change.

  3. Man police are really making it hard of the public to trust them again, in fact it's the opposite; each time they do things that make people distrust them & hate them even more and they still have the balls to ask "Why do they hate us?" Either they are very tone deaf or they don't give a fuck.

  4. Police departments around the country are on a soft strike after the George Floyd protests. They’re a bunch of cry babies. People protested for accountability and instead of promising to do better for the public, they got their feelings hurt. Even though every major police department in SD county got a budget increase this past year.

  5. Man the Police are really tone deaf and don't understand why they are hated or they really don't give a fuck.

  6. Reading all of this and the Police wonders why the public dislikes them or downright hate them but either 1) They are tone-deaf & blinded that they still don't understand or 2) They know and they clearly don't give a fuck and actually enjoy being hated.

  7. The rain wasn't gonna stop me and my friend, definitely not missing out the First Club Sabbat of 2023, hopefully they'll do a Goth Valentine's Day event for February or even a Saint Patrick's one since I think Saint Patrick's falls on a Friday.

  8. First you were filming everyone in the club without their permission and now you want to start a business out of it?

  9. Man Goth scene has changed big time after 2020 I guess. I remember back in the 90's -2000s every club had at least one official photographer and several well know casual photographers at the clubs. Then again we had a club almost every night of the week for a couple years. Double check next time you go as some of the bigger clubs had a notice somewhere that stated you agree to be photographed and or videoed by purchasing entry to the club. I know there were notices at Luminal, Therapy and Sabbat but that was long ago. Any case someone always has a camera and the scene loves to show off what little dressing up they do. We used to have a lot of people taking pics at the clubs and they would post on the clubs websites. Only people that had issues were the Elite Fetish who would stop in once in awhile. Man I miss the old days... Someone bring back Luminal!!

  10. I'm kinda curious on what drama is going on cause I do remember I was following GothCheeze on IG then 2 days ago when I decided to open IG to check for future events he was gone.

  11. First off I wasn't exclusively filming them, second there were others also doing the same thing as well as the DJs who were filming and posting it on their IGs, and lastly this isn't a business, I won't be making money out of this what I want is to create a community for the Alternative folks of SD, how is that a buisness?

  12. I was in a Punisher Hoodie just vibing and making friends.

  13. For those wanting to get ahead of upcoming events, head over to and follow:

  14. Thanks for sharing these, yeah I'm on Instagram and follow all of these.

  15. Gentile reoffended? i’m not surprised but never heard this before

  16. Not reoffend but I just have this gut feeling that Gentile will reoffend.

  17. This was such an unsatisfying episode. He was busted dead to rights, he polluted his entire congregation, he destroyed his wife and her spirit and ability to trust anyone, and his arrogant ass sat at that prison table with Garland and acted as if he did nothing wrong and his persecution put him up there with Jesus. I’ve never wanted to slap a fictional character so much in my life. It’s was gross.

  18. Roger Cross did such an amazing job cause man his arrogance & not taking responsibility for his actions make me want to beat Garland within an inch of his life, props to Roger for doing a great job.

  19. How many showed actual remorse? Most lied constantly and blamed the decoy lol.

  20. Yeah you have Dustin, Westerback, MIchael, The Just A Hig prick.

  21. I have a deep hatred for these fuckers and so I believe they deserve every single torturous act from losing fingers to beaten within an inch of dying.

  22. Can we agree that he has a very punchable face and his attitude just makes you want to beat him within an inch of his life.

  23. Of course it had be russian, I'm not surprised.

  24. I would like to know more cause I've been told by many at The Merrow that it's basically just hanging out and talking to others.

  25. You said 'the' meetup group? is that a meetup for this sub or something? i would be interested in that.

  26. It's the group, The Offical 20's and 30's Social Group San Diego.

  27. This & Christmas Truce by Sabaton are the only Christmas songs I Listen to.

  28. I've seen a lot of these in Mexican Bakeries both In Mexico and in San Diego (where I am currently living)

  29. You know real talk; I wonder how the Hazbin Hotel & Helluva Boss characters from Charlie to Moxxie to Verosika to Stolas would react to Hell on Earth.

  30. I go to all those things but not all the time. If you see a short curvy blonde that's me!

  31. Yeah that's what I love about the scene is that it's very welcoming, laid back, and open minded.

  32. The only problem is there isnt a San Diego Alternative MeetUp Group or a San Diego Alternative Discord server that does hangouts.

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