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  1. They're not mutually exclusive. It was prostitution, and she groomed him.

  2. Exactly! Swap the genders and see how many people would say it's not grooming.

  3. Shame is a powerful motivator. Have you considered posting screenshots on his social?

  4. In the meantime does your sister have anything of value like jewelry or electronics you could "give away" to a friend until she gets your laptop back.

  5. … and where he leaves lol And to pressure someone about money right as this happens… You are right about her lying, it was wrong and probably hurt OP but to react like this with a partner who they have been with for years isn’t the move man.

  6. He's not pressuring her he's facing the reality of her losing her income And determining if they can afford rent.

  7. What is even happening in this relationship? Why is OOP disappointed that she ignored calls and “hid” that she ignored phone calls from a job that she had called off from? Why are they involved so heavily in their SO’s professional life? The anecdote about the birthday party is representative of what? Undiagnosed/unmanaged social anxiety? Did he just not notice until she blew up her professional relationships?

  8. Because they were partners and now because of her behaviour she got fired and OOP is responsible for all of the finances.

  9. When will stardust be removed as mod and Tyler reinstated as head mod?

  10. He could have changed his position between 21 and 27. Generally that time is one of extreme growth where people find out who they are and what they want.

  11. I'd be afraid for my eyes. At the end of the day those are wild animals and can flip at any moment.

  12. Yo seriously, I signed up for his emails, out of curiosities sake. It’s like no lie, 5 per day. They spam my inbox something awful, & they’re always asking for money.

  13. Lol he treats his email like Twitter without a character limit.

  14. I love reading comments like this. For everyone in Dark Souls they have a boss and for whatever reason are their nemesis, fuck you the Dancer of the Boreal Valley.

  15. Friede for me. 3 god damn phases and her 3rd phase always destroys me.

  16. Yhorm is a meme boss. You just need to use the sword in his arena and he dies in like 5 hits.

  17. Yhorm was the boss that made me learn about weapon arts

  18. It’s made up based on the premise.

  19. If you pay attention, the 100% figure isn't an equals sign, but rather ≈, which is the approximation sign.

  20. It's just personal preference and everybody is allowed those.

  21. Isn't it a pretty standard prefernce in the west?

  22. As a kid I also wouldn't want to have videos of me shared with the entire internet.

  23. The current top mod made a big post about how great axo was after he got banned.

  24. Lmao I guess he is black black. It's like calling yourself red rouge.

  25. Red Rouge is kind of a cool name too. Seems like they could've used that name for Crimson Countess

  26. A whole powerranger like team of just colour and then french colour.

  27. Making a nuclear missile would probably be where the government draws its line with Vought

  28. But Vought play pretty fast and loose with laws and rules.

  29. Yeah but that's mostly because politicians in their pocket let them

  30. They definitely have some dealings under the radar of the government. Did the government know about Compound V before they tried to get supes in the military?

  31. Top 5 rappers Dylan, Dylan, Dylan, Dylan and Dylan because he spits hot fire.

  32. Our main problem is that he may not have been the only mod in

  33. The top mod stardust needs to be kicked or else they will continue to fuck over the sub.

  34. It was deleted at least twice, glad this one is still up.

  35. I still think stardust should be removed as a mod.

  36. Update: Should be able to post without the spoiler title requirements now! Also, no memes are being filtered anymore so go crazy! ALL memes should be visible. Looks like most of the code is fixed, so we should be back to normal.

  37. When will stardust be removed as a mod and Tyler be reinstated as head mod?

  38. Is it possible to give TylerWadesIV (forget his name, sorry!) his top mod spot back? He posted his version of events and sounds like he got unfairly pushed out.

  39. Definitely need a new top mod. Someone who can make sure this doesn't happen again and he seems like the right guy.

  40. More importantly are nerdyanarchist and Stardust going to be removed as mods and Tyler reinstated as head mod.

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