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  1. Most Built bars have around 17g and are low as 120 calories and taste great. Pretty pricey though. Best bang for the buck is either pure protein or Kirkland

  2. Are those pretty healthy? I used to have a coworker that said 90%+ of protein bars aren't using healthy ingredients so I'm always a bit wary of what protein bars I buy. Would like to have a known good brand!

  3. If this comment wins it it'll convert me from Android to iPhone.

  4. "Hey do you have 30 seconds to help me out with something?"

  5. Shit man, I read this in Ted Lasso's voice. Every time I come across the clip on YouTube it still makes me literally tear up. I hope I get the once in a lifetime chance to do something like that (and Lord knows it won't be with darts).

  6. Has anyone used them for a fairly rigorous workout in the gym yet? Probably my biggest complaint with my first gen AirPods Pro was they're just constantly falling out once I started sweating at the gym.

  7. Phil's loaded broham fries from Phil's BBQ.

  8. Howcome when I go to disenchant my golden hunter quest it's offering 1600 dust? Is it because I've had it for more than 1 expansion already?

  9. Ohhhh I get it, it's so people don't confuse him for being a dickhead.

  10. This is partially why I no longer really push the difficult PvE content of the game. The higher I got with keys the more of an increase of toxic assholes in my groups I'd see.

  11. Also, if your opponent procs the weapons spellburst f.e, you wont get it.

  12. Does that work in reverse too? Like if the opponent uses the spellburst first?

  13. I also live in CA and don't really understand what it is that I'm doing wrong. I literally go to Ralphs (grocery store) once a week and I spend like a minimum of $150 each visit so like $600ish per month. Granted I also buy other things like paper towels, bathroom items, and whatever other non-food items you may find in a grocery store but wtf!

  14. Well you see, you go to Ralphs… Ralphs is one of the more expensive grocery stores in our area.

  15. I kinda got that impression. The reason I've been going to one is it's literally like across the street from where I live lol

  16. I lost 100 pounds and then got a liiiiittle lazy and put back on maybe 10-15? So kept off 80 :)

  17. I actually was just on the google store website the other day and saw my pixel 5 would trade in for something like $400 towards the 6 Pro (which I think was also discounted like $100 off?).

  18. Hey there to all my fellow pachyderm lovers! I just found this subreddit and I’m glad I have a place to share my endless photos of elephants from all my zoo trips :) I live in Southern California and my hobby is photography. I’m a member to the LA Zoo, San Diego Zoo and Safari Park. It’s always a pleasure to visit the Safari Park, seeing the herd of 8 African Elephants mingling with each other is a sight to see.

  19. Went to the San Diego Safari and Zoo a couple months back and this was one of the things I wanted to see most. I've always thought elephants are super cool for being as strong as they are but being for the most part gentle giants.

  20. Staple in every Murloc deck coming forward

  21. Agreed! I'd even be willing to bet in almost all scenarios this guy will be played alongside something to buff it so in reality it'll probably average out to average stats of being a 0-mana 4/5 for murloc decks. I'd imagine this will see a nerf at some point.

  22. Wait does Neptulon even see play in Standard, Ik he's OP as shit in Wild Big Decks, but I thought Standard would just run Onyxia instead?

  23. Looks like it's been said already but I'd like to add a bit of context. So in wild there's a very strong priest deck that only uses blood of g'huun and Neptulon. You use lots of spells to get those "summon a 5/5 copy of a minion in your deck" types of spells found/used early in the game and if you manage to get a blood of g'huun + Neptulon out on turn 3 it's almost impossible to lose.

  24. Yes I'm definitely not a usual Wild player but I am a priest main so when I saw a wild deck that had that high of a win rate I decided to try it out and when your win rate is around 90% it's easy to get addicted to wild lol.

  25. Is there a store online to buy patches similar to this?

  26. I'd be super happy to see Remornia in Hearthstone. I got it as a pet in WoW on my first Denathrius kill was so hyped!!

  27. What beats big spel mage? Super unfun to play against with the randomness

  28. This may sound funny but I consistently was losing to Beast Hunter today playing Big Spell Mage in Diamond 2-3.

  29. For me I love all the Bolvar Fordragon cards. I got his original card in gold out of pure luck and then I crafted him golden with his recent card.

  30. I've never tried any of the Bolvars in constructed, but some day I would like to make a Fireblood deck.

  31. The original Bolvar never really saw competitive play. The newer one can be decent in handbuff paladin decks, can setup a huge Mr. smite lol

  32. It'd be super neat if he was the first Murloc/Pirate of his kind.

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