1. huh? of course i do, that's why i think having server specific pronouns is a good thing, but having to pay for it isn't? did you read anything i wrote?

  2. I was thinking of Samsung 970 Evo Plus or 980 Pro. What do you think?

  3. You will be speed limited out of those because of your motherboard, don't suggest those.

  4. I LOVE IT! Looks awesome dude! But I'm shivering at the thought of bugs in the pc

  5. Think about those who spent a lot of money of 64GB for their DDR4 "future proof" gaming machine 8 years ago. There's a balancing act that's a bit of a guessing game.

  6. I mean yeah, I have more people to play games with, to just chat with as well. some close friends I've met through discord I've met irl (don't do this.). was never a big fan of skype so nowadays I play more multiplayer games bcs of discord.

  7. Thank you to my friend group, they got me into computers and found my passion here. Good luck y'all!

  8. Should I play it in my Potato Laptop? I mean it's turn base so I hope it won't be that demanding, right?

  9. Depends how potato, but it's definitely NOT a demanding game, if your laptop is newer than let's say 5 years, you should be fine

  10. P.S click on the picture to see it in a detailed view bc it might look better than it acctually is in game.

  11. Turn off motion blur in settings and see if that makes a difference. Common setting as well

  12. 1080p is "lowest possible resolution that you can buy". Let's see how your GPU performs in 4K...

  13. it's not a card that was made for 4K, nor is 4K "mid-range"... 1080p is basic, and there are lower resolution monitors being sold, not that many anymore, but you can easily get one lower resolution...

  14. Open worlds can be amazing when done right, but most of the time they're bland, unfinished around the edges. Also agree with the few comments who say open world is not for star rail, doesn't make sense for some games at all..

  15. it's been executed well, I think it's much more repeatable than most open worlds, though I've only played a handful of open world games

  16. I'll rephrase : Discord is used mainly by minors and NFT should not be promoted to them

  17. https://www.statista.com/statistics/1327674/discord-user-age-worldwide/

  18. it's literally free, the text at the top of the site ..

  19. I don't think they said that? I feel like they're talking about RT as in "quality" which even most nVidia users turn off...

  20. I heard that having it vertical leaks the liquid metal covering the APU and leaks through the console.

  21. Only if the console is in bad shape, aka broken. Headlines lie

  22. Bed next to the bottom wall, desk on the left wall and TV system on the top wall?

  23. every words letters are in an alphabetical order, yes. maybe not so smart calling a bot retard

  24. Did that as a kid (was easier than pressing shift) and it just stuck tbh, I promise I'm not satan

  25. They still selling “gaming” rigs with i3????

  26. Why is Gepard being shipped with everyone??? Someone please explain???

  27. Definitely will try to main Welt:) just because I like the character and he seems pretty good as well

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