1. Or maybe I’m a programmer who can’t be fucked typing properly in my spare time so I cut corners

  2. Apple set App Store pricing tiers so fair enough but Niantic can set the price for their boxes at whatever coin price they like so they are taking the piss.

  3. Imagine my pain when I evolved my shiny Chansey mere moments after catching it, having no idea what shiny Blissey looked like

  4. I used to go to work at that time as it’s nice and quiet in the office, you get a couple of hours to ease into work, go through your inbox, chat the other early birds, before everyone rushes in. Then I’d leave at 5/5.30 and get home at a reasonable hour.

  5. I’m dreading it… although my smart meter isn’t connected to the gas, so I’ll be in blissful ignorance!

  6. I’ve found that the pandemic / WFH has changed this massively. People sometimes can’t be bothered to even sign e cards let alone contribute to a gift for someone then rarely see in person. It’s just changed the dynamic, I personally have not contributed to gifts for people selfishly as I doubt I’ll ever see them again and don’t feel connected to them. If it was in an office and someone was organising a ‘goodbye’ where everyone gathers round and says nice things and gives the gift then I probably would of…

  7. I won’t even do drive through McDonald’s as it’s just so slow now. It’s all the delivery drivers.

  8. Out of stock pretty much globally (all HP units) due to Wi-Fi chip shortage / post Covid logistics etc.. they will come back eventually

  9. Motors in the fans are notorious for squeaks / whines and rattles. Just push for replacement model or repair until you get a good one.

  10. I've had 2 TP01s for years now with zero issues.

  11. Yeah it’s the design from anything 04 and up that’s changed and seems to be the issue. They are aware so who knows if future products will be different

  12. Any suggestions for a cheap camera that I CAN monitor from a pc?

  13. It’s awful that it’s been years since they broke it. I don’t think it will ever be back to a solid 60fps in H2A. I’ve read it’s due to memory limitations in part when reach was added and when they switched to UE4 for the UI. Keep logging tickets in waypoint. It took over 18 months for it to be added to the known issues list…

  14. There’s no way they would stop people adding machines to link app just because a new version is coming later on, the new app could be delayed or rolled out differently per territory. Front line support are usually poor and make up stuff (the my Dyson area of the site didn’t work for me and they told me it was a known issue and would be fixed, when in fact it wasn’t)

  15. after i connect to wifi and connecting to machine it stop there.

  16. Surely the interest isn’t worth the admin?

  17. Sounds like a poorly managed company, not to even consult and just tell everyone like that. I’d be out of there asap

  18. It IS discontinued. Google it geez....where's your rage coming from?

  19. No rage ☺️ but it’s really not been discontinued… it’s maybe you who needs to learn how to google. It’s just been restocked in Australia…

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