1. Yet they let them release bug ridden crap over and over again for their flagship franchise 🧐🤔

  2. Please. I hate having to quit out and redo the cinematic video.

  3. Both is choopy to me since the launch of season 3. I never had the feeling before that my series s wasnt capable of playing the game fluent before.

  4. If they’ve played their own game I think they would notice. Strange.

  5. US: 4K SDR 60hz Europe: 4K SDR 50hz

  6. I live in UK and set to 60hz with match frame rate. 50hz really isn’t a thing over here anymore apart from a view main broadcasters and the screensavers and and airplay content don’t work worth with match frame rate so better set to 60hz

  7. This setup is perfectly acceptable if you're in fact a giraffe.

  8. Activate lost mode asap then they will be worthless to them. You can put a custom message explaining you know where they are etc

  9. Don’t buy anything with a ground rent that rises or more than a peppercorn. It’s a scam

  10. It will be based on what country you’re calling from. All calls from the UK now go to South Africa

  11. Eufy can be really cheap options, I have one of their indoor cams which is regularly on sale for £25/30 outside under an eve and it’s been fine all winter. The eve / Logitech are grossly overpriced as I’ve tried them also and Image quality isn’t better

  12. Isn’t Eufy the one that lied about their security?

  13. Yeah but not as straight forward as that… and you can block the cams from talking to eufy once setup

  14. Can only say that I've dealt with literally hundreds of both new and old leasehold houses over the years as they are common in my area. The very vast majority of them have a peppercorn rent or a £10 rent which is uncollected with no covenants of note.

  15. Lol have you not seen the news? Leasehold has to go. Millions of people aren’t kicking up a fuss for fun.. do you think it’s fair that someone owns the land your home sits on and benefits from it forever whilst providing no service? Your apathetic attitude is part of the problem. Educate yourself you pleb.

  16. Again, from my professional experience as a conveyancer, I've dealt with hundreds of leasehold houses including leases granted since 2000. The very vast majority do not have issues or onerous leases.

  17. What a strange comment. Of course I didn’t as a first time buyer know the specifics of leasehold as it’s a form of tenure from the dark ages that’s used nowhere else in the world and has been manipulated by developers to make as much money as possible. ironically that’s what I though I’d paid my conveyancer to do, whom it turns out was in bed with the developer and conveniently omitted all the information that meant my home would become un mortgageable due to the terms of the lease. They didn’t fair so well when I sued for negligence and they had to pay out big… IMO any conveyancer that supports or is blasé about leasehold is a disgrace to the profession. Have a nice day 👋🏽

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