1. A college football champions league would really fun. It would never be possible because it’s too many games in a season but a man can dream.

  2. This reminds me of Christian Hackenberg. Dude had arguably worse high school stats than Arch, yet he was hyped as a future first rounder and was a 5 star across the board. He absolutely stunk it up at Penn State and still went in the second round somehow.

  3. That was our fault honestly. He shredded our defense his freshman year and everyone thought we was the next big thing. Turns out our secondary just had an off week that week or something.

  4. Derrick Henry might have the funniest high school highlights ever. It looked like a solid D1 running back was dropped into a pop warner game.

  5. I still cannot believe Jimbo said someone should slap Nick Saban at an official Texas A&M press conference

  6. Coach K made similar comments bemoaning the direction college athletics is heading in right before he announced his retirement tour. Make of that what you will Alabama fans.

  7. If we’re talking really brief rivalries Wisconsin and Michigan State had something going in the early 2010s but due to conference scheduling have only played each other a couple of times since then

  8. Jazz Peavy’s tie/potential go ahead touchdown catch against Northwestern getting overturned in 2015. Stave got concussed like 1 play later and the drive stalled out.

  9. It’s even worse because it was called a touchdown on the field and then overturned by the replay booth

  10. Georgia had more picks (9) than the ACC (7) and Big 12 (7)

  11. Does anyone else remember that one bozo on draft twitter who was willing to die on the “Jonathan Taylor is actually slow” hill?

  12. When Reiner threatened to snitch on him to the Marleyan authorities he just assaulted him physically and verbally. Pretty cool.

  13. Fun fact: the desecration of corpses violates the Geneva Convention and is considered a war crime

  14. I agree that it’s not nearly as deep as people try to make it sounds. It’s pretty much just nihilism.

  15. The correct answer is the outside world beyond Marley. The entire world besides Eldia and Marley is criminally underdeveloped.

  16. Empires are never benevolent. The only way one country can rule over that many others is via atrocities and war.

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