2. I had a look at the article and while it suggests a link between the two, I would not define this study a strong piece of evidence: there are so many biases and methodology flaws, but hey, things can change and I am happy to read articles :)

  3. My kid licked a brick when he was about 3 and said "yummy"...a little chemical to help with pain isn't going to hurt them when they put worse in their mouths with a quickness.

  4. What difference does it make if you paid money or not? Also you still have to pay for workout classes in all the rec centers in my area.

  5. That is well put. I always stood on the side so that we were not in anyone’s way. As the weather got warmer, I pushed the stroller outside to run. Obviously when it was super hot I would not go, I am not an idiot.

  6. That’s a perfectly valid need, but it doesn’t require you to ignore your crying baby while you’re at the gym. What about the other people who went to the gym because they needed to get out of the house and were hoping to work out in peace for their own sanity? Their needs don’t matter as much as yours?

  7. 5 minutes in 60 minutes class is still not a big deal. The music is loud enough that you can barely hear the cry.

  8. Another huge pro-education proposal. Keep them coming and keep ramming them through. The universal pre-K is another huge move. Investing in education is the first step of reinvesting in everything in our state.

  9. It would be awesome if they could guarantee a certain amount of daycare hours free too, like they do in New Zeland. They do have I think 20 hrs of free childcare (cannot remember if per family or per child). Either way it would be a great step towards pro life , with more parents on the workforce because they can actually afford childcare.

  10. Sone sort of bridge program for before and after school would help so many families.

  11. So about accreditation and stuff… why having a nursing program if not accredited anyways?

  12. If a nurse wants to go to a higher level degree, many programs require that your lower level degree was from an accredited school.

  13. It sounded so out of this world to many of my peers lol It actually was fine and I was able to handle it with no issues. I feel having a family would be a much better schedule.

  14. Hot take - if a pt or family wants to give me a gift of any sort, I should be allowed to take it. I shouldn't have to clear it with coworkers or management so they can try to get their cut.

  15. That is absolutely fair. Like OP said it’s weird that they not only looked the OP up but mentioned the wedding registry.

  16. Woke up to a man in my house at 5:30 Long story but found the guy he got arrested Turns out a family member lived in my co-op and they came to my house before I got home. My neighbor inquired and they told him who and why they were there…threats were made. Police were called the family member got a visit…the police encouraged me to notify my employer who went above and beyond to keep me safe. The police had trouble finding me at work

  17. Lady, thank the fuck that you were even offered a day care spot at the CDC. I know some acquaintances that even being Mil-Mil they had no day care at CDC because of shortage of workers. And 500 something a month is nothing compared to off base day care.

  18. Thank you! It’s been a bit rough, I got a C in one exam but I passed. So I’ll just have to pass and if I can get good grades so be it.

  19. You are so smart and talented and you are being such a good role model to your child! You may have to half ass here or there to survive but it will be totally worth it in the end! I remember watching my mom type up papers for her masters with a bottle balanced with her chin to feed my brother and it was super impactful to see

  20. Thank you 😊 I’m am half assing everything, and I gave up for right now the pressure of getting straight As lol I ended up doing my practice assessment on my kid, and instead of reading her about the bunny and bees I read to her about the nursing assessment of older adults lol 😂

  21. I love droppin my kid to day care. She always smiles when I say “are we going to school now?” And the teachers love her and she loves the place. They do so many fun activities that I don’t have time/energy/willing/creativity to do. I go to school myself.

  22. I personally feel I am more valuable as a working mom. Staying at home made me irritable and burned out, and I have always worked and valued my job.

  23. How loneliness motherhood can be, especially when you’re the only one of your group of friends who has had a baby. The power of 3 hrs of uninterrupted sleep.

  24. I should also add that I moved my kid bedtime 1 he early.and I do not go past 11pm to study bc I need sleep too.

  25. Hey! I am doing what I can. Homework when kiddo naps, paying attention in class so I have fresh concept in my head. Some people just don’t pay attention and Inam like whyyyy you’d not have to work as hard .

  26. In Italy the night out event does not even start until 2230-23. I have always struggled with these timings. My peers at the time (I was in my late teens/early 20s in nursing school, doing clinical rotations starting at 6-7am ) were annoyed I wanted to go home early, and considering having an early night out boring.

  27. I think she had her baby. She hasn’t posted in 3 days and no ig story in a few hrs

  28. If it isn’t safe for kids to go to school, it probably isn’t safe for a sitter to drive to my house, or me to drive to take my kid to the sitter.

  29. Well yeah, my kid is my responsibility ultimately, so if I have to stay at home too because they call a snow day and I cannot get care, so be it.

  30. I mean, yeah. I would suspect there is some residual trauma. Losing a parent is hard at any age, but would literally change who a person becomes at an age like 13.

  31. The downvotes lol 😂 Yeah, I feel there is more to the story that was conveniently left out. I do wonder what was Natalie’s behavior in all this. If she genuinely tried to blend in without wanting to be a surrogate mother, than that’s a different story. Or was she. Bitch? But honestly wanting a dance with the groom is a bit out of taste imo.

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