1. My trip sitter got too high ate my cookies and fell asleep I don’t think he knows how to trip sit I’m kinda imagining a man sitting on a baby because that’s what baby sitters do and this comment made me think that

  2. Norway is the most expensive and hardest place to take it so yeah probably

  3. It’s better grinder in my opinion, it burns faster so just make sure u get it all in one or 2 hits.

  4. Probably just a lack of oxygen, if u took a few fat rips it can feel normal but ur lungs aren’t getting enough oxygen and u pass out. It’s not good for u but u don’t need to see a doctor unless u hit ur head or wanna be really safe

  5. I did that to store it. I will take scissors and cut off a small portion of one end to be able to smoke from. Like people do with cigars.

  6. Lot of cool people in the comments today, I recommend smoking it instead of selling, but that’s just me

  7. if i saw someone wearing that i would punch them in the throat

  8. Cool, good for u. If u tried punching me in the throat I’d kick ur ass. People can wear what ever they want

  9. I have a video of it but I don't have a shirt on and I'm super self-conscious

  10. I tried it once a month ago alone, it made time move so slow which is not good in school. Maybe it’s more fun if ur friend is high as well

  11. Ok do I need to grind my weed or does that not matter?

  12. Just break it apart with ur hands into smaller bits and breathe inn while lighting the bowl, but don’t breath to hard, make sure the flame is on the weed

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