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  1. I'm sure if I keep shoplifting, Walmart will decide they don't want any more money from... New York.

  2. Right wing idiots aside, yes Freudian theories were quite meritless.

  3. They somewhat worked as theories. Theories are meant to be supplanted by better theories as time passes. Honestly the most damaging bit is that we're holding on to Freud and not moving on to his descendents.

  4. Queer person here, since I was little my parents, relatives and friends ask me so many time “is there a boy you like?”. Everyone in elementary and middle school liked someone and since I didn’t (I didn’t realized I was gay yet but I kinda knew) I felt different and “wrong”. By that logic that means I was groomed? And so all my friends because kids cannot have a crush on other kids? And I remember that when I was 5 I was often sad cause I thought “I wish I was a boy”. Still think that. No one “groomed” me into thinking that, if I’m not cis it’s just how I aml

  5. This is how it works with almost every gay child. Conservatives literally know this, it's why they oppose gay people existing in public. Gay kids know something is up with them. As soon as someone lets them know all the gender/sexuality options, they realize they're gay.

  6. Walmart really thinks nobody else wants to sell us stuff.

  7. Can we just crop this one and post it unironically as a socialist talking point

  8. It's possible he was military, but more likely he had a picture of a relative. It isn't incredibly common to just have pictures of yourself decorating your house.

  9. Mistakes happen. Once you buy something to flip, what you paid for it becomes somewhat irrelevant. Your job is to sell it for as much as you can within whatever time frame is acceptable for you business (i.e. is your model slow dime or fast nickel).

  10. Obviously learn from your mistake, but yes, sell as high as possible. Same as always.

  11. Where oh where will the women get their fix of unsolicited dick pics from?

  12. I firmly believe that medically assisted death should be available to anyone. But so should mental health support, meds, food, housing, education, basic income, etc., etc., etc.

  13. List 2 needs to come before thing 1.

  14. I want my baby wrap baby wrap baby wrap. Chili's baby wrap hacks!

  15. Normal right wing politics is monarchy.

  16. I'm literally advocating for a strike.

  17. They said "protesters". You said "no other choice" and solicited alternatives. I believe you when you state your intentions. But, you didn't express them very clearly. Then, you perceived the answer to your question as a personal attack needing defense of ego.

  18. I would normally say yes, however he was given his own private residence with all of his needs taken care of. The third had his own family as well as the rest of the village to tend to. Not saying he did his best, but Naruto is alive. Also if he showed too much partiality to Naruto the village would throw an absolute fit.

  19. The third was also dealing with two different coups which could spiral into two different Civil wars vs the Uchiha clan or Danzo's Root.

  20. He didn’t have to be in the dark about his parents or past imo.

  21. Think about how emotional Naruto was as a kid. Or even as an adult. Think of the consequences of him blabbing his lineage after he gets bullied.

  22. Sakura isn’t useless, or weak, just underutilized. When placed into a situation she knows and prepared for, she excels. Naruto and Sasuke are fighters, Naruto the pure brawn with unyielding perseverance, Sasuke the tactical minded one with technique, and Sakura is the default to carry when those two are OOC. They’re a well put together team for a shounen for fucks sake!

  23. There's also a few occasions when Naruto and Sasuke literally only survive because Sakura is there to tell them they're wrong.

  24. The fight when you're like 'ok Sakura is on one, word up' and then she proceeds to get shelved for like 10 seasons

  25. I would have killed to see Sakura lead a ninja mission. She never got to.

  26. Linguist here. I've studied both Italian (creators of the instrument) and Japanese (creators of the game). To be clear, my personal opinion is that oak sounds stupid. Awk is how I say it.

  27. I’ve got bad news for you about the fidelity of katakana transliteration.

  28. I'm just saying there's a perfect analogue for the o sound, so that's likely how it's said too.

  29. The Führer wannabe Trump has so captured the GOP still that nobody will rebuke him for his obviously unconstitutional suggestion.

  30. Only a libcuck would think ripping up the constitution was unconstitutional. They made it out of paper for a reason. It's not a tablet like the 10 commandments. /s

  31. To be fair. Manchin is just a Republican with a D in front of his name.

  32. Say it like you're calling him old. Fuckin Dino.

  33. I would honestly prefer he just call himself a republican.

  34. Zabuza is canonically the strongest of the Swordsman, so throw all the others out. Several of these people: Kakashi, Sasuke, Hagoromo have used a blade only a handful of times, if at all.

  35. How many times will I need to comment in this sub to say a minor change to tax reporting being the end of the world is a right wing whataboutism meant to distract you from actual inequality.

  36. Enjoy your jet board coffee table.

  37. I'm starting to come over to the jet board side tbh. If I can take apart a working hovercraft...

  38. The funny thing about all of this is that Biden's son is actually corrupt as hell, but they're grasping at straws to find the tiniest speck of false logic that it's politically damning.

  39. This is just incel behavior, btw. She doesn't want to date polyam people. No problem. But she blames her lack of success in dating on the fact that polyam guys have decided they don't want to date her?

  40. Workers need to distance themselves from caring about "the economy". It's not for us. The economy does great when you're in poverty.

  41. This video is reversed. It's put up, in hopes, you'll deform your stuff.

  42. Also √a = √b = √c

  43. As a matter of fact, for any function φ, we have

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