1. If you reside in the U.S., the comprehensive guide at the beginning of

  2. If you reside in the U.S., the comprehensive guide at the beginning of this forum is made to systematically go through a basic step-by-step process to help set you up for establishing as quickly as possible sources of income via day labor or temporary employment agencies, encouragement to reach out to social services as quickly as possible to sign up for SNAP (EBT) cards and medical insurance, establish General Delivery from the post office, and links to where you may find food, clothing, and some temporary shelter in your local area. The guide is at

  3. The advice in this post sounds helpful from other replies. Please follow it. For Massachusetts you may call the Massachusetts Dept. of Housing and Community Development for help to get emergency accommodation. The website is at

  4. I write resources guides for people on Reddit and am the author of the pinned comprehensive guide the moderators of this forum have stickied. This is a resource guide for you concerning Sydney, Australia. I will be updating my reply as I research resources to address this situation in the OP.

  5. The next best things is to look through directories to see if there are homeless shelters nearest you. Just know they can sometimes help, but many leave services wanting to be better. Always protect your phone, power banks, shoes, and socks. Put your shoes next to your body if you sleep at a homeless shelter. Stuff your phone inside your shirt or jacket and wear it when you sleep. These are some of the most commonly stolen items at homeless shelters. Guard and protect your phone. The next thing to do is to quickly signup with temporary employment agencies and see what jobs are available in your area.

  6. A follow-up question, have you had success in finding some potential resources for your situation? Do wish for me to do a little research in areas you have concerns about?

  7. I contacted a couple of different places that gave me resources. It has mostly just been a constant loop of writing down numbers and "here's some people who may be able to help you" and then finding out they can't help with my specific situation or can't help because I don't have health insurance so they send me off to someone else who can help or find someone who can help and it just repeats.

  8. Unless you have already done what I am about to suggest, than please do these following things with haste to see if some mark of improvement in your situation is possible:

  9. The fist thing I would advise is to do like some people I know who went to a nursing agency. For right now I would ask if you could do things like assisted living facilities, even if it was an overnight shift, or do a travel contracts with a housing stipend for larger nursing agencies like Aya Healthcare. See the comprehensive guide in the

  10. First suggestions is to call local apartment buildings in your area to see about vacancy. Other places were vacant apartments may be is

  11. You have not destroyed your life. Failing coursework in high school is far lighter of a load to bear than failing in college or university. Stay where you are if it is physically safe, but may have social issues involved. Call 2-1-1 to get ideas about where youth shelters are in case you need to leave for absolute physical safety reasons and not for more superficial social reasons, like arguments about chores with parents. Make sure to look at Wisconsin's metropolitan areas like Madison and Milwaukee. There is also Chicago metropolitan area to consider. The county you live in and the metropolitan area nearest you are the first place to look for youth shelters. Otherwise, do not voluntarily move out of the home you had right now unless the social issues are truly severe. You have the law on your side as Wisconsin mandates that child support be given until at least you graduate from high school. Keep that right on your side and do not remove yourself from under it's protection.

  12. You may be able to give him some ideas from the comprehensive guide that is at the beginning of this forum at

  13. I write resource guides on Reddit for users. You can click on my username to see ones I have written for others. I decided to write this one.

  14. Be sure to look at the comprehensive guide and its entire accompanying comment section for resource ideas at the beginning of this forum at

  15. If you live in the U.S. or Canada you can call the phone number 2-1-1 or look at

  16. You may text 741741 on your phone or computer and you can be connected with a volunteer counselor if you feel you you may self-injure yourself. This services is provided by

  17. Depending on the rules of the shelter you are working at see if you can refer some people to the web address of the comprehensive guide written at the beginning of this forums or to resources listed within at

  18. First action to do is to call SAMU Social at 1-1-5 as long as you are located in Paris. That is the homeless number to call for service help. You can also visit the website at

  19. Will the SAMU 115 be willing to help illegal immigrant without an ID ?

  20. You should call them and ask. You should ask what organizations give meals or food parcels to the homeless and where you can get that help. This way you know where to go to eat. There are a few other homeless shelters listed in Paris on a Google map at

  21. Supplies will depend on which climate you are situated in. If you are in southern California a basic 3-season, single wall tent will serve to keep the sun and regular rainfall off. If you are in a colder climate the ideal is a double-walled tent with a tarp for the bottom. This is based off research in alpine and mountaineering tents.

  22. You may be able to do delivery through phone apps if you use a rental car. Major apps sometimes work with rental car companies, like this example from Uber at

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