1. Stadia is actually not a terrible platform. It was just marketed like ass.

  2. eh, i think I'll stay away still. I like having my games on my own system. its cool you found a platform you like though

  3. Oh, don't get it twisted: it isn't the only platform I use. I'm mainly a steam user, but I've gotten stadia to work on my steam deck for games that I can't figure out how to get to work on the deck.

  4. Man i apoligise for stadia shutting down lmao. You wanna add me on discord to play sometime?

  5. Being entire honest, its more a video of me hitting E, then 4 people all missing every skillshot trying to hit me

  6. don't play velvety much but thought this was out of the ordinary. are there any other spots like this?

  7. The wall next to gromp. Best guess is that the way that the geometry works leaves a very small gap for her dash to fit through, similar to a Akashan E dash bug. I unfortunately know about the gromp spot because i would wedge myself into the corner so i would dash, get the instant damage and have a AA cancel, but on 2 different occasions it forced me out of the wall, causing gromp to reset and completely ruining my clear.

  8. I can vomit on command by controlling the muscles in my stomach and throat

  9. Alot of Good graves players also skip Pot, do full clear and gets rly Early Dirk om first back fyi. Depending on teamcomp and lanes sometimes ofc. Invade a Good nida and she hits spear, mid/top rotates and i think u could be screwed or am i wrong? Curious if uve encountered that

  10. Ive honestly not played vs too good jg so youre prolly right 😅

  11. I appreciate ur honesty, but i guess a Good bel Will have at least One dash and be rdy for THE spear and rotation to ^ Hard to say to much when im not a jungler myself, tho My best Friend is. But i heard and from own experience shes pretty weak duelist Early game but ofc can turn in and scale into a fkin monster later game.

  12. Shes honestly just a keepaway game play thats annoying to play vs

  13. Example. The coral is close to the enemy adc. I use R he moves away from the range of R. While im under animation, the enemy adc oneshotted me lol

  14. For stuff like that, its almost always better to wait for your team to make space for you

  15. those patches really changed the gameplay with belveth..

  16. It honestly just made her margin of error alot smaller

  17. super fair with tons of counter play! Yone deals magic physical and true damge!

  18. Her damage is canceled during her E if she gets cced

  19. Im honestly not upset with these changes, i prolly wouldve done them myself

  20. They were posted by riot themselves, so it is most likely the full reveal of bel'veth we are getting today

  21. Still its just gotten to the point of me having a fuckin break down anytime anything is even said about her release

  22. Yeah, but i would think they are revealing her today, just hold on 10 more hours

  23. In 10 hours imma have some words with you and riot both 🤠

  24. She's effectively evil to every living creature on runeterra. I don't think anyone wants to be turned into a fish she can control.

  25. The fact is Leona is one of the most popular characters in League of Legends, so she will always receive new skin like Lux, Ahri, Miss Forturne, Ezreal, Yasuo and etc, while characters that are not Popular like Rell, a Skin goes a few times, it's that simple, Yone was released in 2020 and he already has 4 Skins, including a Legendary. And the Sett who already has prestige. So that's how it works.

  26. Rell has not received a skin since her release

  27. But that's the point, Rell was unfortunately a big failure at launch by Riot, that's why almost nobody plays with it, that's why Riot won't release skin for Rell all the time like Leona who won 4 Skins last year and I think she should in addition to Legendary now, at least 2 more Skins.

  28. Mate. The comment i put down already addressed the topic

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