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  1. Mom said it's my turn to make the whining post today

  2. I did you it couple of weeks ago for a cover letter, it's still rough around the edges, but it's still helpful in the sense that it provides you with a basis that you can expand on instead of writing from the very begining

  3. I'm riffi and I can guarantee that all riffis can speak and understand darija.

  4. She didn't need to be this based

  5. I bet this person has some real strong opinions on their preferred type of stove

  6. A strong opinion that he developed suddenly a week or so ago.

  7. The minimum hourly wage in Kenya is around $0,7. A $2/hour equals around $340 per month which is on par with the average entry level salary for Junior Software Devs there who have a salary range of $80 to $550 per month.

  8. I'd feel ready special if my grandpa singled me out of all his grand children to test his new phone with.

  9. Lmao what? That interaction felt like a fever dream

  10. Couldn’t we just have had a smaller statue of them both? It looks weird and confusing :/

  11. Why do all that when you can do the bare minimum and call it 'Modern Art'

  12. They got hacked a few years back, but failed to mention that.

  13. Just slipped their fucking minds.

  14. Where’s the free healthcare…I dont see it. Need to pay 1000 dhs to every single doctor’s visit and blood work.

  15. I'm not sure how the healthcare system works exactly in morocco, but I have a relative who had to undergo chemotherapy a couple of years ago, and they only had to pay 300dh (30 USD) per session, and when I asked how was that possible they said it's thanks to something related to their CNSS.

  16. They're only this semantic because they like Tate. Their stance isn't principled at all. I'd bet if somebody they don't like had sexual relations with a 16 years old, their opinion will be the opposite, and you'll seem them congratulate themselves and pat each other on the back for knowing all along that the person they baselessly accused of being a pedo turned out to be one.

  17. What the islamic source for this ? As far as I'm aware, the Quran is pretty clear regarding the eternal hell fire awaiting all non Muslims, and I don't recall it making an exception for those who have not heard of it as it implies that all groups of people throughout history have been sent their own messenger.

  18. Yes. Do this. Make it seem believable. Then on top of that don’t ever do a single thing for this piece of garbage. Not a single favor.

  19. Yeah, and also make sure to insist that she promises to be more careful in the future when she's borrowing it. That'll make you seem more sincere.

  20. How long did it take you to make all of this?

  21. Exhibit #2687 of conservatives whining about a fictional scenario

  22. There ARE places in the world where being a Christian absolutely sucks. There are places in the world where being Christian is dangerous.

  23. I think for them "being forced" to accept things that go against their religion, and also to get chastised for opposing social progress is synonymous to being "oppressed and prosecuted for their religious beliefs"

  24. Bruh these incidents are scary af I pray every once in a while that it doesn't happen in my life time

  25. Nah don't worry, the Islamic prophet Muhammad predicted that Muslims will conquer Rome before judgement day, so as long as that hasn't happened yet, you shouldn't worrybtoo much.

  26. They considered what was then Constantinople (called Istanbul in modern day) and what was then the remnants of the Eastern Roman Empire (now known as the Byzantine Empire) to be Rome, as that was what the citizens of the empire called themselves (Romaioi was what they called themselves). Constantinople, and much of the Eastern Roman Empire and other rump states were conquered by the Ottomans following during and after 1453. It seems likely that he may have been referring to Constantinople or the legitimate Empire centered there instead of the actual city of Rome itself.

  27. Actually, the prophet did make a distinctio, between the two cities. Here is the full hadith of that prediction :

  28. Does the AI buy everything i put in the Frontstore?

  29. Yes, but only if your production building is right next to a market.

  30. You can get water buckets from wells.

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