1. If you buy the battlepass you'll get whatever equivalent you've already done for the free track into the paid battlepass track.

  2. I'd advise against buying it in your case. Give it another two months or so, and you can buy the next one when it's fresh.

  3. I actually think the new battlepass will come out somewhat quickly after this one, maybe instantly? They brought back the old pass to give players something to do in the downtime between s6 and s7. Three months should defo be enough for the design team to finish all the cosmetics

  4. Before you all get too mad I'd wait to see what DLC brings. Potentially megas. And if theres new megas we might get megas for the gen 6 starters.

  5. I’m a low plat player and here is my opinion no one asked for.

  6. If u don't think GS has good air potential then you're playing it wrong

  7. Please remove this OP. It seems you were born with your left foot on the right and vice versa. That would be interesting and that is against the sub rules.

  8. I main Bodvar and I will trash everyone in here including all you try hard Lance spammers. Anyone who plays with a lance is garbage and desperate for a win.

  9. The problem here is that they use brackets and a division sign. It makes the problem vague

  10. I think this would also fall as more of a choice for any prosecutor. If it involves the subsequent death of children as opposed to dogs, and put public at risk, then yes. But in this case, knowing their medical diagnosis, clear choice by both, then I would say the prosecutor would choose not to seek any charges.

  11. So if kids were involved what kind of charges might Tammy be looking at?

  12. Even if this were true, this isn't really a Capitalism problem. I agree you do need a phone in this day and age but people who would sell their kidneys for the newest iPhone are just dumb

  13. Capitalism isnt why youre poor lol.

  14. Thanks to feudalism Capitalism is basically a refurbished system of feudalism at its core

  15. Heli farm ace is above DFA in viability cause apache's carry u farther late game than SMFC. Heli farm village is also viable. I kinda learnt how to handle the early game with heli and you probably won't put ur first ace down until r24 or r25. So you just apply that knowledge to HFV but everything will be cheaper

  16. I get it..I’m Jamaican, I don’t agree with the lifestyle nor support it but I’m not calling for death and human right violations…I could care less what 2 men do behind closed doors…I’m cool wit some..regular ish……..we can’t ignore the historical aspect that they slave masters used to “buck break” the men..

  17. Even if the slavemasters did, what happened then was not consensual, but what's happening today is. If rape is illegal, what more do we need?

  18. Everybody blames capitalism yet they survive off it

  19. May I suggest that you add that Kor and Ember are friends since the Elves created the Golems. Sentinel should have respect Kor since he’s the one who gave him the hammer. And Kor and Thor should hate each other since the Asgardians are the ones who put the Golems to work and I’m pretty sure Kor and Thor fought head to head at one point.

  20. Kor and Thor get drunk together I'm pretty sure and Thor loves telling people about their battle

  21. Sir Roland also respects Lin Fei cause she taught him his flaming horse sig. Lord Vraxx's lore also says he respects anyone who's royalty, so he respects:

  22. Two base 135 attacks with a 30% flinch rate on a mon that learns swords dance coming off of base 130 attack. Scizor 6-0s current stall and stall starts running flame body heatran to counter.

  23. This fills me more unbridled rage than Swiss Miss Instant Piss

  24. I don't think you can have a base stat over 255 or it breaks the game

  25. Knock Off's distribution was gutted in SwSh. Blame Smogon's rules for allowing transfer moves.

  26. They allow anything that can be achieved legitimately in game

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