1. I liked the first two episodes but the third one... I don't know... In the first 30 minutes I thought they want to introduce Bill and Frank to the new audience. Within the next 15 minutes I realized there won't be nothing similar to the Lincoln part in game. I don't understand why did they shoot this episode. It's not for the new viewers (because why to waste whole episode on introducing characters that die before they meet main characters), but neither for the game fans because the story and fate of Bill and Frank are totally different.

  2. FILLER FILLER FILLER. Could have done a 10 minute backstory and achieved the same effect… I dont watch this show to see hour long romance episodes wtf

  3. I really don't like my CPU cooler and the way I had to attach the fan. It really was my least favorite part of the process.

  4. Its a solid cooler performance wise. But yeah installation was actual hell. Almost 3 hours later of troubleshooting and frequent tantrums and it was installed.

  5. I think it’s one of the easiest to install, literally no way to screw up the mounting pressure. The fan itself is not optimal imo as well, but it took me 15 minutes to align it perfectly. The pperformance is also stellar. What did you have trouble with?

  6. The cooler was too big for my case so i had to install fans differently... and took a few tries trying to figure it out. First PC build so I mean yeahh

  7. Its your lungs brother…. People tend to look past this fact but inhaling smoke aint too good for ya lung’s especially if its a frequent habit

  8. Two words. Chemical dependence and habits.

  9. Too much is subjective. If it’s affecting your life in a way you don’t want it to then it’s too much.

  10. Thats so true but thats the paradox with us humans. We are the ultimate problem solving procrastinators. Especially when it comes to personal stuff.

  11. I would argue if someone is smoking 4gs a day and they say they’re fine, they’re probably not fine. They’re probably coping with life hard which is never good for prolonged periods

  12. No plans to add more factions, but yes to adding more units. Last patch we added 3 new units to the game: Shadow Dancer, Dread Knight, and Needler. More units are in the works.

  13. Isnt shadow dancer / dread knight technically one unit ?

  14. Mana units all the way

  15. If they say that on the first visit without taking more time to get to know you and your circumstances, they are just showing their bias toward weed. Lots of medical professionals are still anti. I personally would consider changing providers. My therapist doesn't enable me or promote daily cannabis as a tool but instead likes to ask me lots of questions about MY feelings re: my usage. I actually know she'd prefer me not to use at all, as she is a former AA counselor.

  16. Its really not though. Pretty much every therapist / psychologist would recommend not using weed everyday if you have depression and anxiety. Its a very normal response lmao.

  17. Obviously for some moderation is only a step down from rampant addiction.

  18. Must of been your opponents first game lmao

  19. I guess the main question I have is will smoking a joint cause my tolerance to continue to be as high as it was when I was smoking my mega concentrates. Or will it continue to decrease. I think I can beat this weekend I just enjoy the internet strangers input

  20. The simple answer no. One joint will NOT bring your tolerance / THC levels to where it was before. But it will still put THC into your system.

  21. You already have your goal so thats good. A reason for stopping is key. What really helped me tho is remembering the negatives that my use brought.

  22. True ! Yeah I think everything he named is naturally derived lmao

  23. I think you need to define the issue. Right now it sounds like you are ambivalent. For me, I noticed that I wasn't as motivated to do other things when I smoked every day. I knew I wanted a different relationship with weed. Going 90+ days weed free before restarting, and resetting, my relationship with weed has helped a lot. Now I just smoke on special occasions and it's really nice--I can still get blitzed sometimes, but day to day I don't crave it and I'm putting so much more time into hobbies and self care.

  24. Totally feel ya with the usage part.

  25. If you set goals of smoking less or quitting and you keep failing then you’re definitely dependent and possibly addicted (depending on how much it has affected other areas in your life). I think thats the best indicator of dependency. When you want to stop but you cant bring yourself to stopping, especially when its accessible.

  26. I went with Addictive Drums for this reason. The iLok that came with the m-audio Air bundle destroyed my PC. I'll never buy anything that uses it.

  27. RIP too, that air bundle so was tight. Too bad ableton cant use it since its 32x :(

  28. Yup. Literally the microsoft of the Music software world

  29. Hello, hope fatherhood has been a blessing and hopefully a little forgiving to ya haha.

  30. Tbh its what the weed companies want. Im not saying they wish it ruins peoples mental but they know that these very high THC products of ~80% are problematicly convenient and that they make really good money cause of it. Mix high THC and extreme convenience and you will have a lot of people hooked, especially teenagers too unfortunately.

  31. Could be too high THC, smoking too much in a session (too much smoke for your lungs), and how you smoke too.

  32. You’re going to get a 1000 different answers here. Some people see 1x a week as ideal, some see 3x aweek, some see 1x a day at night, others see anytime after 5:00 pm as ideal.

  33. I think you need to focus on what you think/do and not what your boyfriend thinks/does. You haven't really given us any reason to think he's in need of your "help". Is weed destroying his life in some way? If not, why don't you stop trying to "help" aka interfere needlessly...

  34. You sound like the boyfriend delivering his rebuttal lol

  35. If your boyfriend is doing something you dont like and wont change (which is fair game and his choice) then the easiest and likely the best option is to not date him.

  36. I feel this 100%. I use to make some music with a buddy of myn and we would get super stoned everytime lol.

  37. Eco early and scale well. Then send like 13 or 15 or whatever else depending on other units.

  38. Yeah my example wasnt the best, youre right lol. But yeah I do understand inattention and impulsivity are the two other most prominent symptoms. Cheers

  39. You seem sharp. Care to expand on your thoughts ? If you can.

  40. Yes because weed has effects on your dopaminergic system. Which adhd medication also affects. A quick google search will confirm this

  41. google always confirms what gives the opportunity to max profit. sry but Google is useless in cases like that

  42. Yes and no. Finding legitimate research papers or articles is not difficult. Sounds like your research skills just may be useless lol.

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