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  1. Maybe I’m missing something but it looks like the angle here is the use of acetaminophen etc could influence fetal development towards autism. Whether it does or not is for biologists to sort out but on the face of it it is not inconceivable.

  2. Altering fetal development in any way can theoretically cause autism. Autism is just the random scrambling of abilities towards extremes and away from the average. Quit giving settlements to this shit unless sunlight and psychological stress are also given settlements because those mess with fetal development too. Fucking every medication correlates with autism because eliminating medication with your kidneys and liver causes oxidative stress and oxidative stress damages genes. Yes, pampered mothers often produce more accurate miniature versions of themselves, this is a well-known fact. Autism is a normal part of human genetics and selecting for more extreme states is how evolution attempts to rectify excessive stress. Not every ability is useful, not every additional disadvantage can be compensated for. I’m one of the lucky ones, I got a good set of blessings and significant but easily rectified curses.

  3. I disagree with this account of autism based on the research of Elizabeth B Torres, showing every autistic has a higher noise to signal ration in their sensory motor feedback and exhibit more random fluctuations in arcs of body movement, through measuring this with no psychological interviewing they can almost categorically parse a group into autistic and non autistic. Velocity measurements. No administration of inventories of assumed Gaussian distributed in the population psychological traits. This work is also nice bc it undermines the idea autism is about rigid personalities etc. those are again adaptations to the perturbation.

  4. Well yes, but a higher noise to signal ratio is indicative of degraded myelin sheaths, which is a known result of stress or damage to the nerves themselves. My point remains that damage to the mother or her genetics in any fashion is likely to cause autism. I never said anything about autism being solely a “personality.” It is a distinct phenotype that is better in certain scenarios and worse in others. You are chasing a red herring that I did not release.

  5. lmao this game is nothing like undertale. Its a puzzle game. It's not even in the same genre. This is like those game journalists that claim that Cult of the Lamb and Binding of Issac are "literally dark souls" like lmao no these games are roguelike, they are nothing like dark souls, in fact they are similar to Rogue by definition.

  6. I'm sorry who doesn't this guy hate?

  7. The “Marxist” shows a pic of a guy who identifies himself as a white supreamcists.

  8. That's the insignia of an anarchist cell in southern Mexico. You're both wrong.

  9. I'm always nervous that there's this stick or sharp thing they don't see and just stab themselves in the face with. I just shudder everytime

  10. I can feel the dread only because the place is always so unbelievably packed with people most times.

  11. Ever been to a dying supercenter waaay out of the way before the supply chain issues hit? Was kind of like this. I reckon this was taken circa 2012 just after closing and that this store doesn’t exist anymore, either replaced with a neighborhood market or just removed and dollars stores opened to fill the void. Ever been to the Smithsonian on a rainy Tuesday afternoon? Weird seeing massive moai and dinosaur skeletons and nobody there because the locals are all working or home and tourists don’t come on ugly tuesdays, especially to the Smithsonian, as the museum complex is very spread out and trying to see them all in the rain is a soggy endeavor. Backrooms vibes af.

  12. 16fl oz water weighs 16ounces. Same as 1ml water weighs 1g. Protein is heavy, denser than water(also minerals like salts and iron dissolved in the juices) so a 16oz steak probably only takes up 12-13 volumetric ounces. (Mental guess)

  13. Sorry, just logic-ing this out in my head. Da’s a biochemist, I tend to think like this. Also, the weights don’t match up but it’s not as much as I remembered, it’s 1 fl oz to 1.04 oz water, enough to be inconvenient in a beaker but negligible here.

  14. No clue, but I do know there ain't no 15oz of liquid in a 16oz steak, Google says beef is 8.7oz/cup so a 16 Oz steak would be 14.7 floz

  15. Course not, that’s a bold faced lie, one google search in the conversation rate of ounces to fluid ounces told me that.

  16. How 2 Hospitals Are Lessening Even Some Random Kid Film Patients What Happened To Privacy In Medical Settings Utf

  17. Tf you mean this is just what going to the mental hospital is like. I’ve been that kid tied to the stretcher. First time, it was night terrors. Second time, night terrors. Third time, you guessed it, night terrors. I would just wake up tied down because I tried to stab my sister while I was out or something. “A danger to self or others” maybe but most of the tard wranglers said by mental hospital standards I was exceptionally calm and well behaved. It’s more chill once you get through the door. By “more chill” I mean you can now face your demons alone on a hard slab of memory foam in a freezing cold stark white version of a cheap hotel while screams echo down the halls. Not exactly a vacation but sometimes you just need to take a break from life and crawl in a hole for a week. That’s what mental hospitals are there for. Also you get grippy socks. The chronically mentally ill call it “grippy sock jail” and it’s what you go to when either you or your counselor gets too worried about your degrading sanity. It’s also nice to have your own shower. Never had that as a kid. That small luxury made me feel a lot better. The toothpaste was gross though and the little hotel soap never lasts the whole week.

  18. The outdated surplus hand-me-downs of the woke us military, being used by a quickly trained militia in Ukraine are currently destroying the ultra chad redpilled hyper masculine Russian army.

  19. Chad chins don’t win wars anymore. Educated and responsible adults with predator drones do. Rage never won anything better than a few scraps of old food. Collaboration and respect builds empires. Haven’t these people ever read the art of war?

  20. No, but many of my friends are currently serving. All of them say the same thing. Wars are waged behind computer screens. It still takes nerves of steel and balls of the same, but a solid education and a clear head are now also needed for most relevant tasks.

  21. It can go both ways, it can be ally or non-ally. Really it just says nothing.

  22. So, in other words, bible-speech? The Bible could either be for or against virtually everything. Why people only use it to defend indefensible positions is beyond me.

  23. It’s a lot easier to do in the states because people are so spread out and most of the least educated, easiest to fool citizens are far from major population centers. The electoral college system was set up because a long time ago the founding fathers were worried dumb people would screw up voting results, but ironically that very system has been abused to high heaven for the explicit purpose of getting people into office solely based on the manufactured opinions of the easily persuaded.

  24. They are a lump of dead, displaced cells. Although some Dr's will tell you they aren't sure why they grow.

  25. They grow from screwed up germline cells. Guys can get them in the balls too but it’s rarer. Basically think of them as a fetus that was never fertilized, never did any of the things that fetuses usually do, just a random egg or sperm that decided one day “I’m going to start differentiating into different cell lineages” but then realized that it only has half the normal amount of chromosomes and it doesn’t actually know how to differentiate properly.

  26. A lot of undifferentiated cells in the brain. Especially in children. Sometimes they grow near babies’ tailbones because before the baby is born the genes are like “oh crap we forgot the tail” and then they backtrack and are like “oh right, great apes don’t need tails. what were we doing again?” And they just sorta leave some mass of broken, unfinished nerve and bone near the butt.

  27. Wait until they learn that Christmas and Easter originates as pagan holidays

  28. Halloween is a Christianized holiday. It’s all saints day eve. Christmas isn’t Jesus’ birthday. Christmas is Christianized saturnalia. All saints day and by extension Day of the Dead and Halloween are Christianized harvest festivals. Jesus was born in July. I repeat, Jesus of Nazareth, prophet of Yahweh, he who all three major Abrahamic religions revere as one of, if not the most important human or demihuman/demigod religious figure in their respective eschatology, was not born anywhere near the holiday season. Jack o’ lanterns exist to ward off evil spirits, not summon them. The skulls show respect for the dead, the cauldrons represent plenty and thankfulness for a good year just like the eggs of Easter represent hope for another. Christmas exists to show that even in desolation, life remains. Black Friday is a lie.

  29. There are GOP candidates all over the country vowing to look into schools putting litter boxes in school bathrooms...wtf

  30. This sounds like an attempt at bullying a furry done by students that was misconstrued as something “the libs” did. No furry has ever knowingly, willingly asked for this for themselves in a public place, and if they had they were not taken seriously. That said there have been several incidents at various furry parties and cons of people getting absolutely fucking trashed and pissing/vomiting in odd places and it’s really funny when a dude in an animal costume is stumbling into the mariott at 2AM piss-drunk and takes a dump in a litter box meant for his roommate’s cat. It became so much of a meme that they banned non-service animals on the con floor despite 90% of the weird shit happening in hotel bathrooms and dark alleyways. No good story or bad decision ever started with a salad, and that’s as true for furries as it is for everyone else. Seriously, read the anthrocon code of conduct, the amount of “this rule is only there because it happened” is too damn high. No silly string or water pistols, no projectiles, glow sticks cannot be attached to polearms, no sleeping on the con floor, no popping balloons, the list goes on and on. Why “normal” people can have stories like these and be accepted but wear a dumb costume and suddenly everyone is all pitchforks and torches idk but hey apparently they never heard of Halloween. Furries loved Halloween so much that they decided to hold huge costume parties every month. What exactly is the problem?

  31. That is huge cap. 4chan sucks in terms of hateful people. BUT elon getting twitter is probably good as twitter has been the most restrictive platform. Fuck social media censorship. Also twitter will never become like 4chan. Racist right wing extremists are a very small minority.

  32. 4chan is actually fucking hilarious because all the hateful people on there are the most impotent and pathetic neckbeards on the internet and the actually decent people are no filter comic shop tech bros who absolutely adore having their own 100% free idiot zoo. Some people deserve to be bullied, and it is often convenient that those people seem to literally line up for the explicit purpose of receiving justice. 4chan is a relaxing hangout only for those that have no soul. I would not recommend anyone go there unless they already know way too much about nerd culture and why 4chan is where memes are born and where sanity goes to die.

  33. Well, maybe one could move to India and acquire citizenship? Perhaps even a Native American? They would be be both Indian and Indian.

  34. I mean yes, one could absolutely move to India and become an Indian. You can’t “pretend” to be a citizen of a country you’re not a citizen of. Theoretically you could also befriend or marry a Native American and become an accepted member of a native church. Once again, you would not be “pretending” to be a Native American. The problem is placing labels and planting values on people that don’t want to be seen that way. You want to be an Indian, how about you actually talk to one instead of acting like they’re some kind of exotic alien race? A white man will never be a black man, but that’s just a superficial trait. If the white man moves to nigeria and completely integrates they may as well be an African. The reason crossdressing is OK and black face / red face is absolutely not is mostly because 99% of people that give a shit about the culture don’t fetishize the skin tone, while racists usually do. By contrast, crossdressers usually crossdress because they truly respect those born or even were forced into those arbitrary garments.

  35. I think the “girl” in question may not be human. A snake could easily eat half their body weight in a sitting and then not eat for two moths. Euphemisms may be involved.

  36. Ok but I've never heard of anyone feeding their snake Salmon.

  37. I mean some snakes accept dead prey. Some whole salmon are 1 pound. I’m honestly the kind of person that would take his pet snake on a fishing trip. I guess I’m the weird one.

  38. My family has high risks of diabetes, stroke, blindness and a whole slew of other issues, but we are fortunate to be naturally resistant to cancer, dementia and generally we don’t get male pattern baldness. We have the privilege to keep our hair and our minds as we inevitably fall apart.

  39. I too pee a lot; I consume copious amounts of milk, alcohol, and water

  40. I too pee a lot, but everything I drink is caffeinated. Every day I drink a pot of half death wish half community chicory, two liters of very lightly caffeinated water or diet fruit crush (just a dash of Mio energy in my water) and one to two monsters. I also drink a caffeinated smoothie with frozen fruit and milk before working out and make sure to get plenty of fresh fruits and veggies. I’m Cajun, excessive caffeine tolerance is practically my birthright. My little old grandmother drank three pots of coffee a day until she was 70 years old. Now she only drinks two.

  41. I shapeshifted the opposite way. I was fat white trash but shapeshifted into fit white trash because I am poor and in college. I miss food.

  42. Oh I get it. Smaller hips are in our genetics. Mom has small hips, get a c-section, baby may have small hips.

  43. Yes, not only that, but since surgery exists and narrower hips are in fact advantageous in many real-world situations. Car wrecks, robberies, even walking and running are safer, easier and more efficient with smaller hips. Now with the advent of artificial womb technology on the horizon we can bypass the carrying process entirely allowing us as a species to adopt even more efficient forms. We will have effectively canceled out the single biggest downside of being a mammal. Some people even think the expansion in neurodivergent populations is due to increased reproductive success and longer lifespans in people that were previously an unacceptably large resource drain with little payoff. Neurodivergent people have always existed, but historically they were rare, usually serving as shamans, clergy, artisans and other “brainy” professions. High-functioning autistic children are more expensive and time-consuming to care for, but the payoff of being naturally attuned to elite white collar work is now increasingly worth the price. Even if society collapses, and it will eventually, technology doesn’t die easy and more likely than not the first thing humanity will do in the event of internet collapse is gather all remaining techs and attempt to rebuild a more limited local area network and rebuild the required facilities to sustain our fragile reproductive processes. We will take what we learned from our failure and do it all over again, as we have over and over.

  44. Fucking hell. These people are absolutely deluded. Like I am at a loss for words as to how much they are just, IDFK. I hate this world

  45. I think they mean “as free as everybody else.” As in “please stop actively preventing people with different sexualities from improving their lives.” In a lot of countries free housing or housing as a human right is in fact a thing. Pan people should be held to the same standard as everyone else, irrespective of what that standard is.

  46. That is not what they mean at all they are a hate group this is there attempt at owning the libs

  47. So this is not shitty design, it’s intentional asshole design aimed specifically at reducing sympathy for marginalized groups. That’s sad.

  48. I think it must have been, or a very mild sting that would have subsided quickly anyway.

  49. Urine causes all remaining nematocysts to fire, causing the itching and pain to subside quicker at the cost of briefly stinging or itching more. It works well for minor stings, but peeing on severe or life-threatening stings from things like box jellyfish, irukandji and lion’s mane jellyfish can kill the person by releasing all remaining toxin and sending the victim into shock.

  50. No, this type of jellyfish is not a dangerous variety. Chilling in the ocean for a while is a fine alternative to peeing on it. Both world work. You would know if you had been hit with a lethal or near-lethal sting. Box jellyfish stings are excruciating and irukandji produce dramatic behavior alterations. The deadly neurotoxin of the irukandji is of the “sloppy” variety that makes the victim feel sluggish, slur their words, pass out, throw up or otherwise behave as if they had just eaten 20 pounds of rat poison. As for lion’s manes, well, their stings aren’t that strong and you practically have to be swallowed by the monstrous mass of tentacles to die from it. Lions mane stings are dangerous in the way that a beehive is dangerous. It’s a “death by a thousand cuts” situation.

  51. Last saved pics are: A meme about asking a mushroom if it is a plant or an animal

  52. The chances of you becoming CEO of Verizon due to dressing up as a hot dog are always low, but never zero. In addition, the chances of climbing the ladder all the way to the top is inherently undecidable. If you want things to happen, pray to chaos. Gödel’s incompleteness theorems proved that there comes a point where you can’t possibly know what will happen next even with a theoretically perfect oracle and at that point praying may be the most logical thing to do. Conway’s game of life and even Magic the Gathering have been proven to be undecidable. One of the largest unsolved questions in AI is how the human mind in particular seems to be so oddly good at predicting undecidable problems with only the barest traces of context. Why “gut feeling” is so often right to fairly accurate bounds, at times seeming to even exceed the chandreskar limit or even break symmetry according to everything we know about computers is one of the defining questions humanity has been trying to answer for ages. AI research has granted so much power and yet we are not any closer to understanding the nature of intelligence. The best way to understand ourselves remains to this day to go make like an ape and chill in a forest for a few years. But, we’ve known that for centuries. Non-dualist self is insufficient. Nothing less than arbitrary execution, storage and expansion of any conceivable type of data will suffice. It is not enough to be one with everything. How do we become the everything? How do we understand infinity without experiencing it? Can we experience infinity?

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