1. Porygon2 since it's literally a program pokemon

  2. The bear paused for a second like "did i get kicked, wait I'm a bear right, yeah i should eat this guy"

  3. All gods have the same kind of proof, so any argument for one would also work for another

  4. First steps are the hardest once you get a routine it'll be easier keep at it

  5. I don't think it will go well if atreus got kidnapped by either the egyptian pantheon gods or any other pantheon, like it just feels weird without atreus around, like not normal

  6. Atreus gets kidnapped but manages to escape game could switch between stealth missions with Atreus and classic hack and slash with Kratos

  7. Stealth missions with atreus is a pretty cool idea ngl, my title for the game would be

  8. That would be a great story Kratos isn't trying to kill gods just go home and protect himself and his people hell Freya could be a 3rd playable character fighting Egyptian monsters in Midgard and the rest of the realms as they pour through portals.

  9. I used to enjoy scanning as fast as i can, sometimes I'd even be able to outpace the scanner and the register would still be adding product after i finished.

  10. Nope when i was a cashier i basically became an NPC limited dialogue and repeated actions until my break

  11. Omgosh, I just realized I am also an NPC while at work (not a cashier though)

  12. Honestly only way to survive an 8 hour shift with people being so damn rude, dumb or both

  13. She's adorable have you considered putting up to be bred?

  14. Id say boxer, they tend train to take hits as much as deliver them so they're on average are more durable imo

  15. It'll be something different, there are genuinely good people in the world and bad with everything in between the governments of the world would probably scramble to employ people with powers if at minimum to keep them happy

  16. Dammit dude what am I supposed to do now, get to work?

  17. Right now I'm debt free but as an individual I'd owe what couple grand at most, let's go crazy and say 10,000, there are companies that owe millions upon millions and they are either outright forgiven or the government covers it. I'd have no issue owing major corporation money

  18. I remember once my godson was sleeping at my place from the top bunk he rolled off then rolled under the bed and kept sleeping there. Took us like 10 min of looking before we found him snoozing happily.under the bed

  19. Hey wife and daughters you know what would be funny, if we take a picture where it's implied I want you to shut the fuck up

  20. I think what they were talking about are the “premiums”. Because that’s what security companies do, they tend to pay “premiums” for things. Like first aid certification, night shift, etc. So while it would be 19$. With the Premiums it would be “like 22$.”

  21. No they were clear in stating that $19 for 8 hours plus 4 hours of OT would've been equal to $22 an hour for 12 hours.

  22. You sign something and, boom, you're liable for uniform rental fees, training fees, or some other exploitative bullshit.

  23. They might even have a clause that if I don't work for a certain time I have to pay them

  24. More practical information things i can use day to day, history is important and science can be fun but there's daily things as an adult you kinda have to figure out or look for on your own. Taxes, bills credits etc. And it's harder when you have to seek the information as you're trying dealing with it.

  25. Ok, let me fill you in on what you missed that day.

  26. Yup looking back on it know it's fairly simple but when you're teenager and are given these forms you have no idea what any of it means, and for me all this was before i had the internet readily.

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