1. At least this person is actively trying to do something instead of just letting the animal die….. they have expressed multiple times if there are minor and are not able to take the hamster to a vet alone…. They’re doing more than a lot of people that have hamster do…

  2. Nothing caught his eye because they’re basically fucking blind

  3. Got through your mri? You just lie there it’s not difficult

  4. Depends what your having done, lying still for 20 minutes with a fucked back isn't fun.

  5. I usually get my whole spine done I had 2 operations for scoliosis and have another mri in January. I fell asleep during my last one. Couldn’t believe it had been nearly an hour

  6. Any other weird ways to play? I keep playing the same style and can’t think

  7. How does a dog rescue show an civ vi get a cross over

  8. When they say Europe instead of the actual country they’re talking abiut

  9. Like flies to shit. Leave the boy with the first two people

  10. Just know that once you’ve had enough of them you can play in invite only sessions and still do everything

  11. I like his cape, hope he doesn’t pick up any infections from the bathroom floor though

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