1. With lupus a diet can’t replace medication. Lupus isnt developed due to bad diet, a good diet can help though.

  2. I completely agree. Food will not replace medications for chromic illness.

  3. I am now on imuran and had more GI issues with methotrexate, even injections Never been on cellcept and the imuran only half works so when I go to Mayo we will figure something out.

  4. I understand! I suffered a long time in Chicago and finally went to Mayo. They said if I hadn’t gotten treatment when I did, I’d have been dead in 6 months.

  5. If you loathe Pick n Save, don’t hold your breath hoping to love Metro Market. It’s the same.

  6. My ANA bounces around. Even when flaring, there have been times it’s negative. My rheum said it’s pretty common.

  7. I tried to vote. I was told I could vote for two for Supreme Court Justice. When I inserted my ballot, the screen said I was only supposed to vote for one. I asked the people who were working and they said my vote won’t count.

  8. Heat really irritates my rash, and seems to exacerbate flares too, so it makes sense that cooler weather soothes yours. My rash appears anytime I’m stressed or sick with things like a cold etc. It will sometimes appear for just 12-24 hours, then disappears. It’s so unpredictable. I had a horrible flare in September and the rash barely showed up.

  9. Have you been on high doses of steroids lately ?

  10. No. I did a taper in September (30mg x 3 days, 20mg x 3 days etc) Then when I called my rheum about this finger pain, he ordered another round of the same. That’s it, though.

  11. I have lupus and have been on hydroxychloroquine for about 15 years. I’ve had Botox several times with no problems.

  12. I’d say YES! Def looks like Reynauds. Be sure to see a doctor. My rheumatologist urged me to take measures to protect my hands and feet…he said he’s had patients who lost fingers and toes and parts of their hands and feet.

  13. Google “Jamie Oliver’s Venison Stroganoff”. It’s life changing.

  14. Same issue here. My kids are both nurses, so they understand it and take my symptoms seriously. However, my partner doesn’t seem interested in learning about lupus. The guy is smart and could easily understand it (he has a masters degree in engineering) but he doesn’t seem to think it’s important. I’ve been in therapy a couple of years and that helps me cope.

  15. Don’t tell me, let me guess….the politician is a Republican. The way he punched that kid in the head. Jesus.

  16. My 63 year old partner fits into the coat and snowmobile suit he wore in high school. Not me. I don’t even fit into the clothes I wore in July. 😂

  17. Dear god. I wouldn’t even consider eating that.

  18. I just tried Jason’s Deli nutty salad this week and I loved it. It’s massive. It has pumpkin seeds, dried cranberries, feta, walnuts, grapes, chicken, and a balsamic vinaigrette!

  19. That’s my favorite salad anywhere! It’s delicious. And their greens are always fresh and crisp.

  20. Isn’t that the “church” the police shut down a couple years ago because they were dealing marijuana?

  21. Bikes have been making me crazy lately! They don’t follow laws for bikes. They just zoom out into traffic and expect everyone to stop for them.

  22. My neurologist recommended mag for me. It’s helped reduce the number of migraines I get and helps me sleep.

  23. I am so sincerely sorry for what you’re going thru. I feel the exact same way. Sometimes I feel like I can’t possibly go thru another day so I assume I’m flaring. My doctor orders labs and says “no flare! I don’t know what your problem is!” It’s the most frustrating thing I’ve been thru, and I’ve been thru two nasty divorces, so I understand misery.

  24. I’ve had the same thing. It turned out it was happening when the disease was active. Let your doctor know. They may want to do some lab work. And good luck! I hope you are feeling better really soon!

  25. I couldn’t move on Saturday. Literally, I could barely walk. Pain was incredible. But Sunday I felt good! Just mild fatigue so I went to my granddaughters soccer game!!!!! 🎉

  26. Yes!!!! I have chronic kidney disease and must restrict sodium.

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