1. He was sniveling about OP misspelling "Axel"

  2. Ruh roh, smells like casual robo-racism to me in here.

  3. There are many problems in life that can be solved with a dead-blow hammer.

  4. speaking of which, have you seen the apprentice recently?

  5. My original Kraton body didn't last at all, then I put drywall tape and shoe goo on my next body and it's never going to die. Will be interesting to see how this holds up, looks like a lot less work.

  6. Drywall tape feels like about the best thing I can do to strengthen a body, shoe goo seems like the best way to adhese it. I've been spraying the gooed down tape with flex seal, but the herculiner looks like a much finer nicer coat.

  7. shoe goo/tape for sure. i tried spray shit on a maxx and slash body. this thing will fall apart just as fast had he not done anything to it.

  8. I put tape down, shoe gooed it in place, then hit it with flex seal. Here's hoping!

  9. who are jaw droppingly hot. I had to sit and think for a while before I came up with any female member of the cast of Letterkenny or Shoresy that isn't just amazingly gorgeous.

  10. I'm kinda in the same boat as OP for 'coldest'. The cheap plastic thermometer only went down to -50, but the needle was past that and sitting on the limiting pin. The Toyo oil burning stove had enough moisture in the exhaust that it was trying to kill us - it had iced up enough that we could either crack the windows and be 20 below in the cabin, or close the windows (and it was HOT at 0f) and immediately get headaches. We kept the windows, slept in shifts in our full winter gear in our sleeping bags.

  11. Seriously, no back-up wood fire stove in the house? That's nuts.

  12. There's... literally no trees there. I've been where he's talking about, it's either the North Slope in Alaska or some place very similar. There is no firewood, there is no sauna.. there is no house! They probably should have had some emergency / boost heat, but wood heat simply isn't an option.

  13. I think a BattleBots sports anime would be sick.

  14. like, it's Battlebots, but instead of robots they're cybernetic AI smols that just happen to look like

  15. Or they're mecha pilots. Can't have enough Mecha anime

  16. it's a 1/100 scale car with a magnet attachable fpv cam. The little thing is hilarious.

  17. Got links? I think that FPV setup on a TRX-4M would be an absolute joy.

  18. The cam has a connection that just presses up against pads on a circuit board. I'll dig up a link.

  19. bookmarked, I can fab that second one into anything anywhere easily, and at 25mw, a tiny little 2s battery should run it all damn day (yes it says 5v and 2s is 7.4v but I'll bet it won't blow up don't @ me).

  20. That’s the McKay building. It was transformed into the McKinley tower apartments in the early 2000’s. It was a garish pink eyesore.

  21. still is an eyesore, tho. Ugly building.

  22. smirky smirky boys - AS THEY SHOULD BE

  23. The differences of the ST universe's history of the Man-Kzin wars with the Known Space history are interesting. In ST, the humans had the tech and population advantage while in KS, it was the other way around.

  24. Underestimating the fusion torch again, eh? Guess it's time for another Lesson.

  25. More or less lol, it has a bunch of mechanics unique to itself however, and I am finding it quite fun to use the mods included.

  26. I'm chewing on Stoneblock 3, probably take a stab at Oceanblock next winter once it's too cold to work outside.

  27. SB3 And ocean block are pretty similar as they’re both alternative “skyblock”packs with overworlds that vary from convention, similar to SB3, Oceanblock has different generated structures under/above water that contain various resources

  28. Yes probably. I’m at about 10 and probably won’t go for 20, it sounds like not fun.

  29. working on A15, it's so good when it works. So good. worth the pain. Right?

  30. I got in early, went to the airport, flew an hour, pulled the lever to fold the passenger seatback forward, reached down and grabbed the cable, plugged it into the radio.

  31. I'd get rid of the absorption hopper until you had a stable chicken population. I just used a stone floor and cobble walls, I didn't have any problems except that it took almost 30 eggs before I had two chickens to breed!

  32. So far I've broken every driveshaft I've put on the Granite except the factory Arrma ones, I'll pull the part number when I get home tonight.

  33. kneejerk "down with religion" wank pisses me off just about as much as godwank. If you're not so wrapped up in being anti-christian that you can't cope with an MC that's a believer, I HIGHLY recommend this series. I'm three books in and Haley is a delight. Her and Nana are believers, but they're not jerks about it - at least so far!

  34. That could be an option, thanks. I don't have one of those, though :) And I do have backpacks available, so I'll start with the easy/free stuff, anyways.

  35. my Granite seems perfectly happy hanging off of

  36. Instructions unclear, ring gear stuck in forehead.

  37. Normally I'm a "Ignore the The" kinda guy, but The Boot is the only relic I can think of that has a The in it.

  38. well it makes sense, there's like, thirty Bird-Faced Urns, I even have a few in my hotel room, but there's only one The Boot.

  39. If you ignore all of the lockpicking parts of his videos, he still makes amazingly good content. The humor and gags are quality, the production values are top notch. I'm just glad he's around. The lockpicking stuff is excellent too!

  40. I HATE the obsession with pristine minimalism as an interior design ideal. I would sooner splash bright red paint across the wall than live in something like that. No thanks. Give me colour or give me death

  41. y'all come over to my place. 3/4" tongue and groove wall and ceiling, exposed beams, stain (the beams are painted a nice rich brown, but the panelboards are all stained), and we just upgraded from crappy carpet to hardwood. Mind the cats!

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