Co-Op Code Mega Thread - June 28, 2021

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Sideswiped by an 18yo with no papers. let the kid go. He was scared, tripping and really sorry. Although i took all the damage. He said he was riding dirty but had some cash. No lie he was a genuinely scared kid. Like he knew he fucked up. This happen in queens ny. Insurance already high.

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  1. Sounds like an Xbox specific issue. Not sure there's much else to do but wait for them to create a fix, verify it through Microsoft, and then put out the patch.

  2. thanks for the reply, have there been other complaints about this?

  3. Yup. Sort by new and look at every thread where someone asks why something isn't working.

  4. oh my bad, i searched before posting but forgot to filter…oops. thank you anyways

  5. I just want a quick chat that says “Drinking!!” it has so many more uses!

  6. bought a 2013 rt plus with awd earlier this year with 55k miles and i paid 18k for it

  7. elite tachy-gone: johnleggend proj 4.1Q/6Q 25/50 come help get last reward :)

  8. send me some tokens and i can boost, im special sailor

  9. Lol yea. There is the side of the story where this kid just does it again, but more violently and runs over a child. This is so stupid. Fuck him. Driving while intoxicated deserves your life being ruined because it’s ruined so many lives. It’s not like the kid got high and thought it’d be funny to steal a watch from a store or something. He was playing with lives and if he hit you that bad he could have hit a person that bad.

  10. while i agree, this kid was not under the influence as OP said in another comment. just a kid who fucked up and hopefully learned something

  11. I own a ruckus. I live in Ohio. They are classified as motorcycles. You need all of the same stuff.

  12. I think that’s best for many reasons. Good luck!

  13. I think I startet something in the small „s“. Start to train with Duostige and 4 finger technic needs also be trained.

  14. cool, im around 18s right now so maybe ill give it a shot next saturday.

  15. Do a practice prestige run during the week. As Koelnmac said, you need to learn the 4 (or 3) finger method which is awkward at first. Don't actually use boosts, just practice the procedure in case you've never tried it before.

  16. hey thank you for the info! much appreciated :) ill keep all of that in mind when attempting it

  17. how dare you upload a progress picture with no watermark? kidding obviously, good shit tho! guess you will have to start a new account once you “finish” this one 😉

  18. Might actually do that. Could be fun to replay the game, knowing what I know now.

  19. try and beat it in less time this time? idk set like a weird challenge for yourself

  20. May I ask how you have so much? I'm on the anti matter egg and only have 2 bill purple eggs and 3 gold eggs with a 101B%... I've had this game for like a year at least... how are you getting so many, thanks

  21. i prestige roughly 1-4 times every saturday during the prestiege events (2x-3x), i fill my habs on universe egg (or whatever the highest egg you can get to) and leave some space to run chicken, then i use 2 50x earnings, 2 50x beacons and 1 500x soul beacons and run chickens during that whole 10mins. also DO YOUR CONTRACTS :) i hope that answer helped a little?

  22. Finish off those trophies. I was able to do all except enlightenment diamond at a lower EB than you currently have

  23. working on the trophies today as we speak! :) should have them done today or tomorrow

  24. The amount of videos I’ve watched of roaches getting fucking pulled out of peoples ears in hospitals makes me think this guy only writes in crayon

  25. im trying to go to sleep, can we not talk about roaches in peoples ears

  26. hey at least your coop boosted! mine is on the struggle bus

  27. if you have the hab space, than just use a 1000x tachyon and a 10x boost and you will have 10 bil in 10 minutes

  28. Forgot about that. Haven’t been on enlightenment for a while.

  29. Hill giants for weeks to get money for full sara and/or zammy to flex the kids in w1, good times.

  30. getting that full sara/zammy and going to f2p clan wars to flex. man i miss the f2p clan wars!

  31. 3k+ kc no mole pet :( ill attend and cry in the corner

  32. Also send exhens, don’t worry about sending only shorts to max stars quicker. Just send exhens only if you want legendaries quicker.

  33. will do…after these shorts get back lmao, thank you!

  34. thank you, that answered my question perfectly!

  35. absolutely love that color, and the pictures look beautiful!

  36. I prefarm, will jot join coop unless I am maxed, it just makes my playing easier. I have about a half hour left on other on.

  37. im relatively new to the game, especially elite contracts. is it better to prefarm then join a contract?

  38. I am just lazy, I use my timer then join someone else's timer. I normally am able to produce about 1.6Q in contracts

  39. i could never 😂 but hey thanks again for the carry

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