1. Oh yes. Who can forget Tezcatlipoca being an ass to Quetzalcoalt like always? Or that time Tezcatlipoca got butt hurt so easily? Or that one occasion Tezcatlipoca NTR's Tlaloc? Or the more sad occasion, in which Tezcatlipoca made the poor water goddess cry with his lies?

  2. you forgot that the Water Goddess was Tlaloc's second wife.

  3. You're right, I completely forgot about that.

  4. I want to know the truth about Olga's deal and situation between the bleach Earth and the Tree's, especially after everything she has told to Ritsuka about her mission.

  5. No, Tlaloc is also the ruler of Talocan (Aztec Paradise), the place where the good, fighters, and those who die by drowning go.

  6. Isn't it any death related to water and not just drowning? Like even a disease that you catch from drinking water would result in you ending up in that after life.

  7. I don't remember exactly how it works, but surely is like you say, it will make sense anyway.

  8. Guess that's it for the business partners deal.

  9. They know their power, nothing can stop them, and the next banners with the aztec/maya servants alongside whatever is coming in Valentine.

  10. Izcalli, Tlaloc, and Camazotz are 4☆, their designs make it obvious

  11. Seems like this ship is going to become Canon at the end of Nahui Mictlan.

  12. Kukulkan and U Olga Marie are my 2 most anticipated servants from the whole Lostbelt 7, especially because I wonder if Kukulkan is gonna have everything that's involved with the concept of the Feathered Serpent.

  13. Tezcatlipoca's for sure is gonna be SO interesting because Taiga has already mentioned that she's taken cacao from him, and after seeing how easy it is for Tezcatlipoca to just shoot his problems away, it will make for a interesting scenario.

  14. Ritsuka is going full force on her. I don't think ever before something of this level happened with any other female character.

  15. Really, again? I don't even talk of her nor insult you.

  16. Everything until the second half of the year.

  17. All her expressions literally scream "Ritsuka" in differents tones and voices XD

  18. Hopefully this is good ol' Riyo Foreshadowing. Came back to Chaldea Olga

  19. Lentamente las puertas se estan abriendo, creo que si será posible hacer una audición en un futuro.

  20. Kukulkan is just that strong, quite a shame that Izcalli is way too pathetic to be a Black Panther.

  21. Never gonna happen, abandon such foolish dreams

  22. Of course he's telling the true. It just that we don't yet the horrors that Ritsuka overcome to made Rasputin switch sides.

  23. This is why his first Ascensión is the best, you can see better his movements

  24. Of course Ritsuka loves her, she's the original route and finally can give her all his love

  25. These two just can't keep themselves away from the other.

  26. Finally after years the true route is upon us!!

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