1. If you subscribe to Nintendo switch online, that’ll be pretty much every Zelda except for Wind Waker and Twilight Princess

  2. I was just revisiting the Blank Check series on John Carpenter and they theorize that Carpenter working with Chase on ‘Memoirs of an Invisible Man’ potentially broke Carpenter.

  3. A’s broadcast currently has the old bug with 1 Out/2 Out, but they’ve also had a lot of technical issues today. So they may have reverted to an old setup.

  4. Godzilla vs Biollante was rated PG for”Traditional Godzilla Violence”

  5. Raiders of the Lost Ark in Religion Studies

  6. All Quiet just picking up noms like crazy

  7. Can't wait to hear them debate the name for the mini-series and see who got overruled.

  8. Ah yes, the setup for M3GAN V. Chucky V. Monsieur Hulot

  9. Seeing this tonight! Very excited to be at a premiere of a local Edmonton film! If anyone wants insights from the cast and crew Q&A, I can relay them after

  10. If we count Patreon, I really love Ranking the Walks

  11. Ranking the Walks’ hangout vibes are off the charts

  12. With Tres Carnales closing, please support other Mexican restaurants in the city, like Calle Mexico and 3 Amigos!

  13. My vote is for Michael Wincott in Nope

  14. With a side nom for Gravels and Grumbles

  15. Was a classical music version of “Sweet Georgia Brown” ever played?

  16. That’d be for the Tárlem Globetrotters

  17. Glad that Ears Guy from Crimes made the cut.

  18. Frank Oz. I was looking at his filmography the other night, and while he has some hits, he has a couple clunkers.

  19. I wouldn't mind Oz, Henson, and Henson. Lets you get deep on Muppets while exploring the other tangents each filmmaker went on. (except Brian Henson ends on Happytime Murders oh no)

  20. I just listened to the 2019 movie draft in The Big Picture, and CR picking The Laundromat made me start hollering in my car.

  21. I would love to, but it currently seems like there’s no way to actually watch it in Canada yet

  22. All the Tati is on there! Watch PlayTime, Mon Oncle, or go on Holiday with Monsieur Hulot!

  23. 55 inch LGCX OLED, a PS5 for Blu Rays and 4K UHDs and an Apple TV 4K with a solid wired connection for anything streaming.

  24. Would you recommend a HomePod for sound? I currently just use my TV speakers so I’m assuming it can’t be any worse than that.

  25. It works really really well with an Apple TV. I’m fully in the apple ecosystem so it jives with my phone and computer too. It’s my solution for now while I’m still renting, but I would upgrade to a full speaker system once I have my own place and space for it.

  26. Few things make me happier than thinking about or watching Tati films.

  27. Stickers with cartoon David happy or sad that say Nut or Butt, to be slapped on Blu ray cases and posters at your local theatre

  28. This is the worst for me too. Theatres playing an ad for streaming kind of boggles my mind anyways but if I have to hear the Bryan Cranston chai tea line again I swear I’m gonna scream.

  29. It’s so bad. That, and the Scene+ Pennies From Heaven ad playing up to three times if you are at a cineplex screening early enough.

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