1. Personally would love to see some free samples maybe some edibles or pre rolls even not too picky just whatever samples you all wanna part with

  2. Have you been to events where they offer free samples?! I didn't know places could do that

  3. How about doing better with your stock. Picked up dosidos Friday that was harvested in December, no RSO, no wellspring drinks...it doesn't do any good to find something that works, to not be able to regularly purchase it.

  4. this happened to me once and when i wrote an email complaining, they actually ordered what i wanted.

  5. I'd go with indica strains there going to be More relaxing and sedative we're sativa's can werid you out especially as a new consumer you could try flower edibles vapes tinctures and dabing personaly I dab and smoke every day I have chronic pain and terrible anxiety so I understand your needs I can further recommend companies and brand's if you're interested but this should get you started

  6. Thank you! very very helpful! glad to know im not alone

  7. Just keep in mind that Indica and Sativa have become marketing terms. Use that to start with eliminating half your choices, then consider strains and terpene profiles.

  8. Terrasana has 20% off buckeye relief on 8/9, a deal on smokiez on 8/11 and a certified cultivators sale on 8/13.

  9. Garlic Cookies by Riviera Creek! still one of my favorites

  10. Do you like those better than GC? I haven't tried them yet

  11. I check Terrasana's website each week to decide which day i'm gonna go since that is the most convenient place for me. this week i plan on taking advantage of their 20% off buckeye relief on 8/9 and maybe their certified cultivators sale on 8/13. Not into smokiez as much but they also have a sale on those on 8/11

  12. What kind of strains do you like? Do you want something for activities, or relaxing? You will need a battery, of course, which you should be able to get at your dispensary. Sometimes you can get a pod and battery "starter kit" that will save you a few bucks on the battery.

  13. I like sativa preferably. Do you prefer carts or pods?

  14. Almost any Klutch Pod is what I would start with. Grow Ohio next, both are good, Klutch seems better!

  15. Stopped by Terrasana yesterday and got their promo calendar for the month. This week they are doing Curaleaf, One Orijin and a patient appreciation day.

  16. Got some beneleaves gummies yesterday at Terrasana when they were on sale. Not anything new but love a good deal. Excited for their Smokiez promo so I can try some of those

  17. Terrasana is doing 15% off firelands on Friday- go stock up on this shit

  18. Terrasana has been doing sales almost daily so you should take a look at what they have. not sure about their concentrates but for the tenth jars, are you looking at tier 1 or 2

  19. Iā€™d rather pay $10-15 more than ever set foot in that shithole dispensary. This place should not be getting anyones business.

  20. so weird...i've never had a bad experience there. what happened?

  21. 30% off select products at Terrasana today!! 5-7pm at Cleveland, Columbus and Springfield, 3-5pm at Fremont

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