Release Notes for 8/1/2022

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  1. not better than space cadet tf. love glock in my purse but nah

  2. Lmaoooo Sosa clearly not the romantic type. Tf she thought

  3. I'm ngl bruh. Myron and Moon Relate easily clear anything on TPLT. I never really loved TPLT though. It mostly sounds like loosies from that era to me. It's dope but nothing crazy.

  4. TPLT is a cool tape because I feel like the beats are more "experimental", especially for the time. Pretty standard producers like DP, Zaytoven and Cannon, but their melodies were weird asf (I Can Drive is crazy!)

  5. You don't have to answer if you don't want to, but what gender are you and where are you located? Because from what I'm reading you're probably female and from the UK? Again, you don't have to answer, just personally curious.

  6. Not sure why this was downvoted so much personally, I don’t find the question particularly offensive (even if not completely relevant). But to answer your question I’m a transgender woman living in the us. But in saying that I feel I should point out that after years on hormone replacement therapy my orgasm functions operate like that of a cis female (read: multiple non ejaculatory full body orgasms.) after this night I did this a few more times at lower doses where I was able to breathe still while achieving this state. Was quite the ride but truly terrible for my brain, and I live with the consequences of it.

  7. Interesting. Thank you for taking the time to answer.

  8. Does this mean I'm finally out of OCE silver?

  9. What rank did you get out of curiosity? One of my mates went from GNM to GE.

  10. Not tryna come at you or nothing, it just seems like someone always has to comment on how Ken is always trying to catch up on lonely or something, when that’s not the case. Lone is cold to me I just never understood why peope did that. I used to think people would just say it to be cooler since he’s lesser known lol

  11. Lol it was literally like this for lone a few months ago until niggas caught on. Id say lone is a better artist than ken since he really experiments with different sounds n still be snappin. Although Id say ken knows how to make hits better and is way more easier to get into. Also most of lone’s discog isn’t released thru him so some of his best shit be under the radar.

  12. yeah fax all of lones shit is either through stef or leaked through handler or whoever else. and sicko (eddie) sometimes as well

  13. im illiterate i cant read it. can you put it in the comments so i can copy paste it into my browser? thanks.

  14. nah i was just thinking this. all this new gen production he'd kill every beat

  15. Cap and Fredo would be bigger than most rappers if they were still alive especially with these new trap,drill,etc. beats

  16. yep capo had insane potential, i cant even begin to imagine what he'd be doing today and who he possibly couldve been working with.

  17. Wtf? Its a benzo not opiates? He’s not gonna die or vomit what are you talking about??

  18. he took a high dose (for him) and theyre known to decrease breathing. not a bad idea

  19. I don't know much about TPS, but 6 TPS for CFOP is sub-10.

  20. Wow okay that helps put it into perspective, cheers. Yeah it probably could've been Sub-10 provided I turned faster and did the same moves, was kind of just a lazy chill solve before I went to bed. Thanks!

  21. i thought everyone forgot about this. one of my most wanted still

  22. i wonder who had the bright idea to release the first 4 songs as singles on a random ass day

  23. i dont get what youre saying, uzi spread out the release of the first 4 singles before they dropped the rest. the label probably uploaded the shit to dsp's like that so now uzis discog looks fucked. gen now shouldve just waited until the whole thing dropped to put it on streaming.

  24. this is exactly what i meant, the label should’ve just wait until friday and release all the songs at the same time on all platforms

  25. This ep proved that new uzi can still be as good as old uzi

  26. i literally said that in my comment lmao "return to form". you were talking about sales tho

  27. you good gang. we both luv uzi thats whats important.

  28. nah fr. ngl he an icon but hes a fucking terrible person.

  29. Icon? All his designs are stolen or ripped from another original brand, he literally paid yachty to wear sicko for like 4 months and it didn’t even boost the brand lmao. He’s a fucking joke

  30. nah i aint talkin about sicko that shits wack (except maybe the joy collab but even that was just mew on a shirt). i more meant in the fashion/model world.

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