1. Im ok with the semi arcade/semi sim style of the game, it doesn't need a rework. I like to boot up the game, and get to the fun right away. I don't need in-game systems to gatekeep me from having fun shooting, or blowing stuff up. If I wanted to play a milsim, I would just go play Post Scriptum.

  2. Probably because post scriptum is unfortunately dead now, or at least have just a few players left

  3. Yeah, making HLL like Post Scriptum would kill this game, too.

  4. Bro even super popular games barely have anyone playing in the middle of the day wtf were you expecting?! Game has a dedicated fanbase who play every night and there are multiple EU servers. You a fool for refunding wwithout at least checking steam charts for player numbers at peak.

  5. Very untrue, there is several full server during the day in hell let loose for example, and I already look at the steam chart

  6. People Play during the evening ours in Europe - try again around 7/8pm

  7. Je me permets d'apporter plus de précision au commentaire. Pour Marx, les relations de propriété ne sont que l'expression juridique des relations économiques (voir le Livre III du Capital). Il faut faire la distinction entre la propriété privée en tant que propriété de classe et la propriété privée individuelle des moyens de production.

  8. Yeah shooting ammo pouches and fuel canisters was fun.

  9. (By the way I forgot to say but I really like ground attack, more than air attack)

  10. du coup si on compare avec les autres pays d'europe ya de quoi se plaindre?

  11. j'avais vu qu'on avait un taux d'inflation beaucoup plus élevé que certains pays, faudrait que je retrouve la source

  12. Destroying your health and your gains. I don't know why anyone would do that.

  13. https://www.reddit.com/r/fo76/wiki/returning/

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