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  1. Does anyone know of the crater location of where the meteor hit that wiped out the dinosaurs??..

  2. This feels like a military thing. I don't find war to be "powerful" or "amazing" but horrifying. I don't understand why anyone would, but I'm clearly in the minority here.

  3. It's actually being performed by school kids in school, it's tradition

  4. ..but can she put a fruit pastille in her mouth without chewing it?

  5. this guy is called rythmind, he won the loopstation GBB (grand beatbox battle) in 2019, he is amazing at what he does, be sure to check him out as u will be hooked to the loopstation once u listen to it :)

  6. Find a new hairdresser. There is no coming back from that.

  7. just resized the width to 256px, and tada... insta view of the curve that exists in the original image.

  8. You're replying to a comment made over 5 years ago, on a post reacting to a former flat earther that got their account suspended for anti-semitism.

  9. Does anyone know where the crater from this life changing asteroid is located?

  10. I think time needs to stand still for a bit so we can all catch our breath!

  11. Our days of knocking on doors and running came to an abrupt end when i told my mate not to knock on this particular door (had a funny feeling) he did it anyway and a big ginger geezer came running out ..he caught my mate and pinned him against a wall by his throat while i looked on trying to act innocent ..so yeah i'm not saying don't do it, just make sure you're wearing good trainers and can run faster than you're friend 😉

  12. The kid cleaning the floor with his jacket should have stopped and taken a class in Breakin 101 presided over by Grandaddy Groove.

  13. Ken Ham is an asshole for spending 100 million dollars, creating an idiots playpen based on a book that is historically and scientifically proven false.

  14. Can you tell me where i can find the scientific evidence u talk about that proves this as false..

  15. Where did you go bud? Need help filling out that college application??

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