Will Mage Tower Artifact Appearances return, They are too Unique to Class Identity to be relagated to be FOMO items forever

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  1. I would LOVE if FOMO was a thing of the past. Even gladiator or m+ mounts you could buy later if you just reach that rating. Let's say 2 buy per season max to keep it somewhat reasonable.

  2. It’s not so simple as that though… some seasons glad was 2800+, s14 of mop it was 2350 etc. getting glad post BFA system is no where near what it was like before (it’s much easier now). If you made it so the same systems got you the equivalent rewards, it’d make more sense.

  3. You are right, it might not be simple. But it would be cool the have a second look on biggest FOMO in the game. I don't personally need to have something in my game that allows me to only get something if I play during that time.

  4. It's hilarious that people think there isn't rampant cheating in WoW.

  5. While this is true, you arely see em. I saw few in shadowlands, while playing most of the expansion, but none yet in DF. Meanwhile in classic wow 99% of players are bots.

  6. Get auctionator. It alerts you when you sell too low.

  7. Damn, this sounds amazing. I just use tsm to sell thing.

  8. I'v seen the fights on stream, I could easily do em if I just wanted to. I'm just lazy.

  9. Good rule, flaming feels good but it rarely ever produces good results.

  10. Now somehow make everyone read this message. Being asshole almost never gets you any results.

  11. Amount of keys bricked because getting stunned from not clearing thundering = A lot

  12. Not only that, but the interact button means you can fish without needing to use the mouse 🎉🎉

  13. These are the best groups, people sticking together and not pretending they have somewhere else to be when first problems appear.

  14. We’re actually friends in-game so we were more inclined to try something odd lol. Friendly groups that stick together are the best tho!

  15. That makes more sense. It's really an oddity to find groups in the wild that want to do what friend groups do.

  16. There is only so many ways you can have 10 faces and be unique about it.

  17. Embrace the chaos, my bags pretty much look like this too.

  18. At least nothing new going on crafting enchants.

  19. And this will trickle down to Blizzard games via the devs being forced to design the games based on arbitrary metrics decided by ABK vulture execs in order to not be fired.

  20. Yes, that's how work works. Boss tells you to do things, and you do.

  21. But Dragonflight is good and Blizzard has changed!

  22. That's how the world works, as long you do good games, no one cares. Same with riot.

  23. Out of curiosity, what do you think the average age of a wow player is?

  24. I'd say around 30, but judging by alot of comments in this sub reddit, there are a lot of youngsters too. Also I started with rts games back in 1998, starcraft raised me, for the swarm!

  25. and since it's an edgy class it would be very popular (see DH and DK as opposed to monk and evoker)

  26. This is just cute. Reminds me of junior high times.

  27. Well at least current batman and flash can't get any worse, sure, why not. Hire em.

  28. There’s undoubtedly less “content” than shadowlands, but the content we have is the actual fun part of the game minus the system bloat, choreghast, and maw farming you had to do in shadowlands to get to the fun parts.

  29. I don't know why people balk at the idea, but I love using gold for tokens and buying shit (Mounts, Pets, Expansions, D4, etc).

  30. normally i get game time but this time around i have earned an abnormal amount of gold due to crafting.

  31. This is the only game where you can farm gold and buy cash shop things, ofc you buy them!

  32. We need a stat showing keys left after 10 minutes or something like that. Like the dced stats in old Starcraft.

  33. We really do need this. There is no excuse from blizzard on this one. I'm really tired of this "everyone deserves a 1043040th chance", no they don't. If you keep dc'ing a lot, people are rightfully keeping you out of m+ dungeons. I'm fine if that resetted every week or so, that would be totally fine and remove any long term toxicity or concerns if they suddenly buy better internet.

  34. So everyone is going to die. That's kinda cool, but sadly not a surprise anymore.

  35. Gaming news sites detached from reality? No way BRO.

  36. Do people tip 6-7k per order? Never done one myself but that seems a lot… or I’m just hella broke

  37. You are just hella broke. In early expansion people make millions just by being alive.

  38. The true solution, destroy their own trust in each other

  39. Damn kids are focused these days. When I was a kid I just sat down and were excited about things happening on the screen, didn't even know "plot" was a thing.

  40. And I absolutely love it. Perfect time to level alts for rocket farming that is about to happen soon.

  41. I think that once everyone is a high level crafter then some people will do it for free and live on the resourcefulness since competition will be high.

  42. This is already happening. I see free crafting/recrafting posted on trade all the time in kazzak eu. Let's say in theory you are getting no fees, but you get 10 times the customers, that could make it okay not to ask any fees.

  43. Duh. Just stating that why people all the suddent pretend it's only the AI making people fake.

  44. Yesterday, someone bought r3 illimited diamonds worth 17 million gold, reseting the price to 14.4k, from 9.3k. He never relisted them though, and price dropped down to 9-11k again (very volatile market). Im not sure whats going on in peoples minds, but thats just a high risk gamble.

  45. More like why on earth would people drop the price so fast. You just can't reason with people that have no reason.

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